Any recommendation for a dehumidifier that can be connected to Homey?

I’m not talking about a “dumb” dehumidifier at a smart plug. I’m looking for a dehumidifier with an open API, preferable already with a Homey App, so that I can not only control the device but also receive data (like current humidity, power usage, etc.)

I am also looking for a dehumidifier that can connect to Homey.

How about a Duux? Duux App voor Homey | Homey
[APP][Pro] Duux now talks with Homey!

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Will try the Bora and report back how it works. A bit hard to get, I have to admit…

I happened to be looking for a dehumidifier as well. Ordered the Bora today, it will arrive tomorrow.
I read there are problems with some devices though: [APP][Pro] Duux now talks with Homey! - #58 by RonnyW

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Well, great… :disappointed:

@CaptainVoni @JanPieter88
Possible workaround:

My advice would be to use the mobile phone app Tuya Smart, but it also works with the mobile SmartLife app

When your Duux device can be paired with the mobile app, you can control it with Homey’s Tuya Cloud app.
When the device itself is not supported, no problem, you can use it anyways, it’s only a bit more work.
These methods are also mentioned in the app topic, look for ‘tap-to-run’ and for ‘RAW commands

When you’ve trouble configuring the whole thing, feel free to ask for help in the Tuya Cloud topic

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Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind!

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First impressions after I got the dehumidifier yesterday: don’t buy it.

The app itself is straight from hell.

Yesterday after pairing it told me the device is offline. The dehumidifier itself said it’s online. The app knew the humidity reported from the derive, it even updated it, but still claimed the device is offline.

Today the device is online according to the app. But of course it can’t be controlled. The humidity shown in the app is incorrect (frozen since yesterday), but when you tap on it a graph opens showing how the humidity changed over the last hours and this data seems to be correct.

I haven’t even tried accessing it through Homey. This dehumidifier is simply electronic waste.

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I’ve used it for about 5 days now. And I agree, the ‘smart’ features are embarrasingly non-existent. The Duux smartphone app doesn’t even notify you when its 4 liter tank is full. Which seems to me the most basic of features… I’m trying the ‘digital beeps detection’ from an Alexa Echo to remedy this, but that’s not reliable. The thing is supposed to be able to pair with Alexa, but although being able to ‘link the skill’, Alexa couldn’t find the device. Basically I can only use the app to turn the thing on/off remotely.

The device itself… well, the build quality seems pretty sturdy. Nice carrying handle and wheels. Doesn’t seem like cheap Chinese plastic garbage to me. We’ll see how long it lasts.
Big disappointment is how loud is actually is. Don’t even think of using this while you’re in the room. There’s of course the fan noise, sounds like a regular desk fan, it moves quite a bit of air. Worse is the compressor. It sounds like a very very noisy fridge, an annoying humming. I just turn it on in the livingroom when I go to bed, and empty the water tank in the morning. It does remove at least 4 liters of water every day at room temperature (and about 55% moisture).

Oh, and after I bought it, it was reduced 80 euros in price… Still, I can’t be bothered to return it. It does its job (I guess) when I’m not around, and I don’t know how it would compare against other dehumidifiers (that often have very mixed reviews).

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I guess I return to a dumb humidifier with a smart plug then. Thanks for your feedback.

Or any dehumidifier that notifies you when you need to empty the tank :grimacing:.
Maybe… if a smart plug would detect the power drop when the device turned itself off due to a full tank, the power plug could do the notification :thinking:?

Do you know of a dehumidifier that works better, is quieter, has a good build quality? I was eyeing the well-reviewed Meaco Arete 20L (apparently pretty quiet, although all reviews are mixed), and it has an optional pump, but I can’t find it anywhere online to buy (it’s from the UK). Apart from a ridiculous price at a German Mediamarkt. Maybe it’ll become available again later this year…

Maybe… if a smart plug would detect the power drop when the device turned itself off due to a full tank, the power plug could do the notification :thinking:?

I actually already do this with a dumb dehumidifier. Works pretty well.

Do you know of a dehumidifier that works better, is quieter, has a good build quality?

Sadly no, that’s also my problem :frowning:

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I got a dehumidifier which works wonders with the NetHome Plus app. Only problem? I can’t get it into Homey. And the dehumidifier can not be found through Tuya app. So if anyone is tech savvy and knows how to work the NetHome app into homey, then you have a dehumidifier that works wonders.