How to use Homey to control wifi/non-smart devices

Hi all!

I have a homey pro and have been enjoying the use of it through the installing of apps from the homey app store. I was wondering however, if there is a way to use homey pro to control devices that are not historically smart and do not have a remote.

For example, I have a smart duvet that only connects via an app on my android device to control the temperature etc. The duvet connects to the app via bluetooth or wifi.

Does anyone know of any workaround or ideas I can automate this, i.e. set the temperature to off when I start my morning routine.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you ask if an API is available? via:

I did contact the company and they said it wasnt available at this time. I would love to use webhooks or an app but have 0 clue how to create one

Then probably the only way to get information about the communication is Sniffing the signals, I don’t know how to do this, but maybe someone else can help you.

It likely sounds utterly stupid but try to link it with the tuya smart app.

I have a few devices around that have tuya wifi chips or atleast compatible, while not all controls work in the tuya app itself they are fully available through the tuya API and therefore fully controllable by Homey

Does the device have some buttons to control it? If so you could use the SwitchBot to press the button(s).

Hey Anders,

Thanks. Unfortunately it is only app controlled from your phone…