Comfee dehumidifier


I just bought a dehumidifier from Midea / Comfee.
It is a smart model, using wifi to connect to.
The app to control it is from another brand and is called: Nethome plus.
I could not find anything related in Homey (Pro).
Has anyone found a way to add this device to Homey?


When it wants to pair on your smartphone, with either the Tuya Smart or the SmartLife app, you’re in:

Ok thanks for the tip, I would not have thought of this approach. I will read the given topic carefully.

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Did you find a way that works?

Read two post above yours…

I tried to do it, and can not add it to Tuya. That’s why I asked if he was able to.
I’ll try and ask in the other thread.

Hello. I have not been able to add it to Tuya so far, but since it’s already connected to another app (net home plus) maybe this is the reason
I need to try again

Thanks. This is why it’s appreciated when you point out what did not work for you.
Also, now we know Midea / Comfee is not Tuya compatible.
Apart from that, I have no clue if there’s anything else out there to control this device with Homey

So the Comfee dehumidifier has a QR code on the back. When you add a new devices in the SmartLife app, you can scan the QR code and everything will be set up for you.

If you try and do the same with Tuya app, it opens a website, that’s not working.
If you try and add the item manually, it will not show up in the app.

So the QR code is the secret key. :grin:

Great let me try this when I get home in a few days.

Nice. If it works, it works.
Then you can use it with Homey with the Tuya Cloud app.

I still don’t get why it doesn’t pair with the Tuya app, when one just picks “dehumidifier”(luchtontvochtiger in Dutch), so, without the QR stuff

When I open the Tuya app. And go to dehumidifier and search for it, I get 2 options.
Blink fast or blink slow.
Blink fast - and the app just search for the dehumidifier and never finds it.
Blink slow - I need to connect to the dehumidifiers net, but it has none.
If I try the QR code, it opens a website that isn’t working.

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