Tahoma Switch with 6 blinds


Ive got 6 Somfy blinds, 1 Somfy Situo 5 RTS Pure 2 remote and a Tahoma switch.

Ive got 4 blinds programmed to work with the app but when it comes to getting the 5th one (all lights on on the remote) pressing the programme button on the back doesn’t jog the blinds and I cant therefore add them to the app.

Do I need to get a second Situo 5 RTS to be able to do this…or, is there any way of adding the blinds to the app without the remote as to be honest, they’ll be controlled by voice or phone all the time as opposed to using the remote.

Thanks in advance! :blush:

Are you talking about adding them to the Switch or Homey?
I presume you are using the Homey RTS app?

As you have the Switch, have you considered using the Somfy Tahoma app?