Setup Homey Pro (including first models Homey (early...) )

Hi, I have had my Homey for a few years, but never really got around to getting it working as I’d like. I’m about to start building my house, so really want to incorporate it into the build.

I got it out of the cupboard and did the upside down trick for 10 seconds to factory reset. Then went to go through the home app ( only works for the app on the phone?) and it tells me I need a beta code to proceed?

Surely I can get my device up and running without waiting for a beta code? can someone point me in the right direction please.


Congratulations you have a Homey Pro.

In setup select
Setup Homey Pro

No Beta invite needed,
The Create a new Home is only for the new Homey (Cloud solution) with or without a Homey Bridge


to comply to new naming topic renamed to make more clear:
Setup Homey Pro (including first models Homey (early…) )

Ahh, thanks Dijker. Just assumed my older one wasn’t the pro. Not the most intuitive setup screen.

Have set it up and connected to WIFI, just now getting a “sorry Homey cannot connect to server” silly message…

Have you reset Homey completely?
Or are you not getting to that part?

Are you running on some special network configuration, some special DNS servers or a PiHole?

Was Homey already on the Firmware > 2.0 ?
Else maybe contact support at

Yep reset fine. Upgraded firmware OK (think it was 3.1.2 when I got it connected).

No special DNS, no pihole (yet), 2.4GHZ, no funny SSID names, etc.

Once you reset i thing it will upgrade to latest stable, maybe into or three runs.

So doe you see it on your lan in DHCP and do you connect with it in the app?

Yep, can connect with it in the app, can make flows etc. Just can’t say “Ok Homey”

It updated fine when it connected, currently 7.2.0

Ah, but that is right - Homey speech recognition was abandoned. You’re supposed to use Google Home, Alexa or Hopmepod for that now:

Ah, sorry, should of read a bit more first. Will check that out thanks Edwin.

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