Homey Pro 2023 missing from setup


Just started trying to set up my new Homey Pro, but getting stuck almost immediately.

When setting up a new Homey in the app I can choose to set up a new Homey Pro, but there’s no mention of the 2023 version. I’m then also asked to connect to the HomeySetup-XXXXXX network, which is nowhere to be found.

From what I understand this network is no longer used for the new version.

It seems support for setting up the 2023 is simply missing. I just installed the Android app and even entered the beta to make sure I wasn’t running a too old version of the app.

Anyone understand what might be going on here?

The 2019 version and 2023 version have different ways of setting up. You’re running the wrong version of the app. read here: [HowTo] Homey Pro (Early 2023) - Getting started (With Early Access)