Homey Pro (Early 2023) integration in a existing Homey (cloud) setup

i wanted to know, if i use the homey (cloud) with the bridge now and then buy the homey pro later, is there anything i need to consider? do i need to set everything up again? or is that not a problem?

Yes, start over.
The Homey Pro 2022 does not exist.
The Models that are availeble are here listed:

that there is not the pro 2023 I know.
my question was, if I switch from the cloud variant to the 2023 pro variant I have to restart?
if so there is no way to create a backup?

The image does not exist.

Yes you have to restart from scratch, pair all devices again and build all Flow new.

No there is no migration or Backup/Restore from Homey (cloud) with or Without Homey Bridge to
any Homey Pro model (including the announced Homey Pro (Early 2023) )

yes that was a typo, sorry for the confusion.
okey all right thanks

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Homey Pro (Early 2023) integration in a existing Homey (cloud) setup

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Wait… is this still true?

I recently started to experiment with Homey by doing this:

  1. Install Homey App on iPhone
  2. Subscribe to Premium
  3. Build Flows, etc.

Now, let’s pretend I buy the Homey Pro device.
Am I starting all over again with devices and Flows?

(not a big deal, just wondering)


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