Devices from Homey bridge to Homey Pro 2023

Hai everybody,
I recently received my Homey pro (2023). I would like to import the homey bridge devices to my homey pro. I haven’t found any manual to do this. Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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Unfortunately that’s not possible.

That feels a bit strange. Given that it’s all Homey. Granted, the technology is different, but it would make sense that Athom would make this possible.

Thanks for your answer Adrian. Much appreciated!

The only way to transfer is via a backup and Homey (cloud) has no backup option.
So, to transfer from an old Homey you would first make a backup of the old one and then restore it to the new one.
I guess Athom didn’t think it was necessary to have a backup option on Homey as they take care of backups in the cloud.