Gange from homey to homey pro

I have a Homey standard and want to upgrade to Homey Pro, how Can i do that without losing all programming?

Does this apply when you have the standard homey and not the pro verson. The instuction saus from Pro to Pro verson

With ‘standard Homey’, you mean Homey Premium / Cloud / bridge?
If so, there is no migration path to a Pro whatsoever.
The only way is to re-create everything, and use your Homey as example to copy from.

When i baugt my homey it didnt say pro.
But when i go in on settings on i now i says
Homey pro (2016-2019). So i dont know If this is a Pro verson or not.

I see! Yeah Athom shuffled the model naming :see_no_evil: and still mixes things up.

Before Homey cloud/bridge, there were 2 Homey models

  • Homey Early 201x
  • Homey Pro Early 2019

When Homey Beta/Cloud/Premium/Bridge was introduced (called ‘Homey bridge’ by most folks),
Athom decided to name the new (virtual) Homey cloud version ‘Homey’;
and name all other (physical) versions ‘Homey Pro’

So your white ball is called Homey Pro since then, and you can follow @robertklep 's advice.

Thank you all for help, i will try this when i get my new Homey Pro :wink:

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