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Homey (Early 2016), Homey (Early 2018) and Homey (Early 2019) vs Homey Pro vs Homey (beta)

As I see this as a question coming by many times.

For everyone with a: Homey (Early 2016), Homey (Early 2018) and Homey (Early 2019)
Congratulations with your Free Upgrade:
You have a Homey Pro now:

If you see in the communication of Athom or on the community “Homey Pro” only, and you have a model that looks like:

Don’t worry, it is a Pro now!
So switch to the Homey Pro in the App Store

If Athom now communicates about Homey they most of the time have it about the App / subscription model

That Homey you can use with the Homey Bridge (or even without!)

You have to look for Apps Available for Homey in the App Store

This is a informational topic from the community to inform where community members with a original non-Pro have questions and didn’t get the information that all older Homey’s are now considered to be a Homey Pro
Therefor closed.