Difference between Homey Models, (Early 2016/2018, 2019, and Pro)

The new 2019 Homey costs a little bit more than the old one. But if I read this page the only difference is that I don’t get NFC and microphone.

Is this truly the only difference? if so I assume it makes more sense to buy the 2018 model if I can find it and update to v2 software. Or are there other differences in components/support which is not listed? I’ve been unable to find any comparison between the two online.


Well you can but the question is how long do they support Hardware that is only used in the first Generation. I would not count on it

Hardware-wise, apart from missing peripherals, the 2018 and 2019 models are exactly the same. I suspect that about 90% of all Homey users are using the “old” hardware, and given the lack of real differences between the two models, those users won’t be upgrading, so Athom can’t drop support for it.

As @robertklep said, the hardware is almost identical.
They both use a 1GHz-Cortex A9 CPU (ARM based) on a Solidrun SOM. It’s likely that some of the antenna modules differ a bit, but that’s just hardware drivers so even if those differ, that should make much of a difference.

Hi, so I am getting a homey soon, waiting for My Verisure Contract to out.

Looking for deals and found a used 2018 for 100€ less than a new 2019.

I can’t find anything between them than 2018 actually has more stuff.

So is there any difference ? I rather spend the cash if it gives me something going forward.
I am not interested in the pro as of now.

The “old” version has more options, some items are removed in the 2019 update.

I think the following is removed:
-NFC Reader

As far as i know rest of the hardware is the same.

So a used for €100 might be a good option if you ask me :slight_smile:

Yeah that is what i found also after googling a lot.
So why are they even releasing a new one and calling it like its a new thing.

Its annoying how unclear athom is about this “new revision”…

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guess they can’t be more clear than this:

and this:


Both Homey (Early 2019) and Homey Pro have received a hardware update. Compared to previous revisions, we have decided to remove NFC and the Microphones because both features were rarely used and the latter never met our highest quality standards.

lol you confirm that they try to hide it - why not just point that out on the product page ?

“Updates” yes, they removed parts from 2018 and created 2019.
There is no information about any CPU, memory or antennas are better in 2019 or is there info about that?

My goal is that I am trying to figure out why pay for 2019 version.
I would gladly do it if it was specified somewhere why I should.

Also I never wrote “hide”, I said it was unclear.

Correct apart from the Pro with more CPU and Memory there is no change…
But CPU and Memory is clear in their product page i guess.