Homey Pro Firmware Version 7.3.0

Athom released Homey Pro Firmware Version 7.3.0 on 24th February 2022

Picking up this habit to announce a new Firmware here for a sad reason.

Homey v7.3.0

  • [Core] Added support for the Russian and Polish languages
  • [Core] Fixed an issue with multiple owners on a Homey
  • [Core] Fixed an issue that could cause numeric capability values not to be set when not having the right step size
  • [Backup] Fixed an issue that could cause a scheduled backup not to complete
  • [Z-Wave] Prefer selected driver when pairing a Z-Wave device

Enjoy using your Homey !

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Yes it has come to the attention of many here including Athom that there have been an invasion in the Ukraine.
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Also please note that Russian is spoken and used in many more countries around the world.
Russian language - Wikipedia

All fixes and improvements including the Russian language was already weeks in the Homey firmware experimental updates and for months in the mobile Apps. Athom in general does not react on the Community, search for their contact address on their site and write a letter to Athom.

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