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Homey Firmware version 1.5.11

1.5.11 got released a couple of weeks ago and I saw that we did not have an official Forum discussion for it, so here it is!



  • [Z-Wave] Fixed a communication issue
  • [Z-Wave] Fixed a bug where timeouts could occur when a node sent messages out-of-order
  • [Zigbee] Fixed a communication issue
  • [Core] Homey no longer needs a reboot to switch timezones
  • [Core] Fixed a bug that could cause sudden reboots
  • [Core] Fixed a bug that could cause Homey to omit the secondary DNS query while connecting to the cloud
  • [SDK] Add clock manager

Note: In some rare cases, 433 and 868 communication may cease to function after installing this update. Disconnecting Homey from the power supply for 30 seconds resolves this.

If you did not receive the update, you can manually via Settings > Updates.

Important note!
Keep in mind that this topic is not the place to report bugs or request new features, this has to be done at the Github of Athom.

In case you need support direct from Athom send an email to support@athom.com to contact the Athom team.