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Homey Firmware version 1.5.13

Athom released 1.5.13 to stable
If everything goes well this is the last before Homey Firmware v2.0.

These are the changes that are made it to this version of the firmware:



  • [433 Mhz] Improved signal reception and transmission
  • [868 Mhz] Improved signal reception and transmission
  • [Z-Wave] Fixed a bug where Z-Wave packets could be delivered after a delay
  • [Z-Wave] Fixed a bug that could prevent Z-Wave S2/FLiRS nodes from pairing
  • [Z-Wave] Added a remove node button in the developer tools
  • [Z-Wave] Fixed a bug that could prevent failed devices from being deleted
  • [ZigBee] Better handling of Xiaomi data
  • [IR] Fixed a bug where homey would freeze when speaking while sending IR
  • [Signals] Improved signal parsing for unit-based signals
  • [Signals] Improved signal parsing for signals without SOF
  • [Other] Fixed an issue that could cause slow boots
  • [Other] Fixed an issue that could cause a red ring during boot
  • [Other] Fix a bug where some Homeys could experience problems when connecting to wifi networks when a 5GHz network with the same name exists
  • [Core] Update Node.js to 8.12.0
  • [Other] Various bugfixes and minor improvements

The major rewrite of the RF controller firmware should make it doesn’t stop responding to 433/868 Mhz, the Restart Microcontroller button is therefore removed!

Note: In some rare cases, 433 and 868 communication may cease to function after installing this update. Disconnecting Homey from the power supply for 30 seconds resolves this (This should definitely be last time!).

If you did not receive the update, you can manually install it via Settings > Updates.
This is a staged deployment so if you don’t get it immediate try again in a couple of days. This prevents overloading systems and support desk.

Important note!
Keep in mind that the forum is not the place to report bugs, you can contact support@athom.com to report bugs. Please verify with other Homey users that it actually is a bug that you experience.

In all other cases you are welcome to join here on the Community forum or on slack to ask for help by this great community!