Homey v5.0.0 (Stable Release)

Homey Firmware version 5.0 was released February 10, 2021

It took a while, but Homey v5.0.0 is finally here! It is packed with new features, improvements and countless bug fixes.

What’s new?

There are too many improvements and fixes to list them all, but below you will find a selection we are especially proud of:

  • Upgrade Homey’s Zigbee engine
  • Many bug fixes for Z-Wave, Zigbee, BLE and more

A good reading about the update path, Benefits of Homey v5.0 for Zigbee and Known Issues of Homey 5.0 with Zigbee is published by Athom support on the Support site here:

See the Homey v5.0.0 changelog for a more complete list of changes and fixes.

And for more info about using Zigbee in Homey Firmware v5.0.0 see the second post in this topic.

For the Developers:

  • Introducing Homey Apps SDK v3 (check the changelog)

Reminder: SDK v1 End-Of-Life

With the introduction of Homey Apps SDK v3 we are dropping support for SDK v1. As announced in May 2020, SDK v1 apps will no longer work on Homey v5.0.0 and up. They will be automatically disabled. Additionally, SDK v1 apps will be removed from the Homey App Store in the near future.


Zigbee in Homey Firmware 5.0.0

A second Post attracted attention is about Zigbee in Homey Firmware 5.0.0
including information about the limitation of direct connected devices and onther advices on building a good Zigbee network.

Advice on building a stable Zigbee network

  1. Pair Zigbee routers first
  2. Don’t build too big
  3. Add a number of routers for a stable network

Just updated - when it says I may need to turn on/off Zigbee devices does that just mean pulling the battery and replacing?

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Before updating to version 5.0.0 I disabled experimental updates.
So I actually am updating from 5.0.0.rc to the stable release branch. But I did not do a reset of the homey, quite nice that this is possible without a reset.

That would also mean that the text stated with the experimental updates feature is wrong:

Enable experimental updates to help test new versions of Homey before they are released to everyone.
These updates might be unstable, and after enabling you cannot revert without doing a factory reset.

I have reverted the experimental updates feature to no longer accept new experimental releases and still to receive new stable updates.

No clue, hoping it is just a matter of time. None of my Zigbee device are working: Innr, Aqara and Ikea

Also hope that the app selection is getting a clean up

I updated also, everything is working execpt aqara.

I restarted homye and removed several batterys from aqara devices but that does not help anything.

In message windows it reports it has been updated to version 1.2.3 but when opening the app it is on 0.8.0, according the appstore the latest version.

Anyone an idea how to fix this?

Same here

Also experiencing problems with hue zigbee, kaku & aqara after updating.

Yep, all my Aqara too… They worked briefly after hitting install on the site again but now have all dropped again. Good stuff :roll_eyes:
Also Innr not working

Same issues here…

All the Aqara devices not working since V5.0!

Also ikea devices

Damn what did I do, al my tradfri devices not working. Wish I didn’t update that fast

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Yes both Aqara and Ikea are dead. Look like that the app is not updating…

Ted help please!

Same here

In timeline it says that Ikea and Osram apps are update, but in the app page it shows the old version.

When I go to app shop it shows the old versions only

Philips hue zigbee app didnt update.

Looks like the newest version of the apps are not in the store jet as there are more then a year old.
Maybe install the expirimental apps of them?

i updated to aqara test v123 and now aqara also working again

If your Zigbee apps does not work after the update it is likely to be because the apps needs an update, Firmware 5 / SDK3 versions of the Zigbee apps will be installed if you have automatic update enabled, else your will have to manually update the apps. Firmware 5 / SDK3 compatible versions are to be found as test versions if there is already an Firmware 4 app released as stable, to install it please add /test to the apps url.