How to update?


My homey is on fw 4.2.0

I see that zigbee rewrite was released in 5.0.0 and apparently I really need that.

I thought I already had it because when I hit check for updates my homey tells me there are none.

Why is this? I am on 4.2.0 and homey tells me there are no updates available?

I am really beginning to loose faith in this “thing”.

How do I update to latest version, with zigbee rewrite?

Last chance for homey otherwise it hits the bin.


That’s correct, firmware v5 is still experimental (and not free of bugs). Just wait until it’s properly released.

@RoyWissenburg I did, but I got sick and tired of all rude and pointless posts that didn’t give any information or help, like yours.

Homey is clearly very far from what I was told, and not even close to a finished and working product. The amount of people and posts indicating instability issues, non working stuff and homeys and devices that require frequent restarting and reconnecting shows this pretty clearly. Apparently homey have still not managed to release a sw to actually works with zigbee even though it’s been years. That just isn’t good enough. Especially not considering how they advertise the product and the price they charge for it. Pretty basic.

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Just point on some other, better HA solution in this price range pls. Im able to fully control the whole house over Homey. Over 100 devices worked with FW 4.2 and works on v5 firmware as well.
There is NO solution so far, with such a wide device support and user friendly setup, such as Homey. Im playing with HomeAssistant on RPi now and its a lot of learning, “coding” etc (long learning curve), but I was still able to cover only part of automation I have on Homey. Had Fibaro HC2 before and I had to do tweaks and workarounds as well. Not mentioning missing zigbee support.
So good luck throwing your Homey away and looking for better solution. Will be glad if you point us on better one :wink:.

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“Better” is highly subjective. You find Home Assistant too difficult, I find it much more powerful and stable than Homey.

Easy, Vera, way better. I have a Vera too. Never needs restart or reconnection of devices. Have been up and running for a couple years without issues. Way better than homey that really doesn’t seem to work at all and no one seems to know how to fix it, despite lots of people with issues. “Wait for upgrade” seems to be the general “solution” since years. Ridiculous.

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Is this still about the question on how to update or is it another whining topic?

The only one being rude and pointless here seems to be you mate. You got this attitude irl as well or just online?

Have a beer and relax it’s Saturday ffs.


Like ten posts in this thread and how many do you see actually addressing the question asked? And most of the people in the thread didn’t even make an attempt at answering the question…

I’m getting the impression the whiners are the ones who can’t take homey’s poor functionality getting questioned, whining about that instead of actually answering the questions at hand.
In any other forum on other tech stuff you get plenty of helpful answers. I have no idea why homey’s differ, I just notice it does.
I guess that if anything is a solid confirmation binning it is the right thing to do.

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Well, ur answer is in the 2nd post. Ur on stable firmware and 5.0.x is experimental firmware. So there is no update for u unless u go experimental.

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Hard to answer generic question. You didnt mention what is not working in your case. Regarding update, you have answer right bellow your post.
I had Vera as well and its uncomparable with Homey. Had to return it back, because it was piece of …
Regarding stability, didnt have to reboot Homey unless firmware update for weeks. But as mentioned before, good luck picking better solution and will be glad if you share your experience later.

Im sure it is. But you need to be quite tech skilled and invest a lot of time into it. Im sure, that one day it will fly better then Homey for basic end users as well.

I’m a man 70 years of age with no programming experience struggling programming. I have both Vera (4years), Homey (2 years from release 1.5) Vera has always been much more stable and reliable than Homey although Homey is picking up. Programming is unnecessary complicated in both why I am trying Home Assistant and Node-red now. Biggest problem with Homey is its random function of sensors in z-wave - not signalling or hung in “motion alarm”. Also communication with HA Vera is safer the MQTT app is working so and so. The only thing that works flawless in Homey is my Xaiomi Zigbees. Yes I’m on 4.2.

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