How to check zigbee firmware version?


I’m on my 2016 Homey Pro on FW 8.0.1. I have some issues with high CPU load and a sluggish system after time. I read that this can be due the zigbee firmware which has been recently updated by FW 5.0.

But to update the zigbee FW I read that you must manually reset the zigbee network and re-install all devices. Before I go into all this hassle, I want to make sure I am on a old version and not allready on the newest version.

How can I check my current zigbee version and the latest from Homey?


Homey doesn’t have a separate Zigbee firmware, it’s part of the main firmware. So your Zigbee version is 8.0.1, so to speak.

Thanks robertklep, but what’s about the story that you manually must reset the zigbee network to get the newer firmware, zigbee rewrite, to be active?

All I remember (it’s been a while) is that a reset fixes a security issue with Homey’s Zigbee network if it was created pre-v5. Where did you read it will update Zigbee firmware?

On different posts, also in this one first post:

Zigbee was rewritten in fw v5.0.0, but only gets activated by a zigbee reset.

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To see if you reset Zigbee before or after FV v5.0
Check the Well-Known-Key

Although not to be determined independently some user think they have a better Zigbee experience after a reset. but that’s up to you.

You already have the latest FW if you look here and Firmware Version reports 2.6.3