Aqara Motion Sensor - not using zigbee routers?

Hey guys,

i have a problem and hope you can help me.

i use an Aqara Motion Sensor for triggering my lights in my stairway.
It worked very well, but suddenly two days ago no motion will be recocgnized or sent to homey.

I did a lot of testing (re-learning, PTP, put some routers in different places and restart them) and it seems like my Aqara Motion Sensor is not routing through routers - it is directly routed from Homey. My problem is: Homey is in my office which is located in my basement.

While Silver Crest Motion Sensor is using some routers - and is located right by Aqara Motion Sensor for testing purposes.

I tried to pair the Aqara Motion sensor nearby the routers - no success (tbh: just some short trys , 3-4x max 20 secs).

For routers, i have:
3x IKEA Control Outlets
3x GLEDOPTO LED Controllers

12 total zigbee devices.

Any idea how to get Aqara Motion Sensor to use my zigbee routing devices?



If Homey firmware is higher than v5.x.x AND you did a full zigbee reset anytime after updating the firmware to v5.x.x, then pairing has to work while holding it to the nearest router device from where it sits.
Aqara seems to stick to a route. Maybe a remove action is needed before a pair action.

Thanks for your reply.

My Homey (Homey Pro (Early 2019)) has Version 7.2.1 right now. There were no updates in the last days…

So i have to do a full reset of my zigbee equipment? Means everything re-learning?

Thanks, BR,

You don’t have to, but several users here reported a “worth the pain and effort”.
Zigbee was rewritten in fw v5.0.0, but only gets activated by a zigbee reset.

Yes, all zigbee devices get lost, you’ll have to pair all zigbee devices again and repair all related flows.

Hint: if you install Flow Checker prior to the reset, you’ll get informed about all the flows that “break” after the reset.

If you use Flow Checker app here (Homey Developer Tools) on a laptop,

you can open the listed flows at once in the web app,
And, if you use the web app, you can quite easy replace the zigbee device flow cards.

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Thank you! Guess i’ll try the reset because 3 more motion sensors are coming…

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What happens to a hue bridge connected to homey when I do a zigbee reset?

  • hue bridge is a seperate zigbee mesh not related to homey, so that mesh should not be impacted. But will I lose the devices connected to the bridge when I do a reset?
  • the hue bridge does not show up in the list of nodes, nor do the devices. So expect no impact at all

But a confirmattion by experience would be great…
(Still have a lot via Hue bridge)

I don’t have Hue. So this is theory (sorry :upside_down_face: )

It is indeed a complete seperate zigbee mesh.
Devices paired with the Hue bridge will not be affected by a Homey zigbee reset.

Hi All!

In case any of you guys expierencing similar problems, just a short update:

After the zigbee reset und pairing close to the nearest router Aqara Motion Sensor works perfectly fine and is using some routes:

Thanks for your help @Peter_Kawa !!

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YW! And great to hear @Fellaz !