Aqara Door and Window Sensor can't be added through router

I have 9 Aquara door/window sensors connected to Homey, one of them is too far from Homey to work reliably so I’ve added a Aquara T1 Single Switch module half way between Homey and the unresponsive sensor.
The problem is that I can only add the device when it’s close to homey and not when it’s close to the )(routing) T1 switch, and in that case it doesn’t use the router so when I move it to where it should be it doesn’t work.

The switch is listed as a router in the developer tools and switches fine, interviewing the device does not update the route (not sure if this is something that should work anyway?).

With or without neutral? Without neutral will probably not act as a Zigbee router.

It’s the version with the neutral, in the developers tools it shows as type “router”.

You can’t force a device to be routed through a specific router (at least not with Homey), and Aqara sensor devices are typically very stubborn, they don’t like to switch between routers.

What you can try is to pair the sensor with Homey directly, then move it to its final location and take out the battery for an hour or so. Then see if it will use the switch as a router.

Removed the battery for several hours and just put them back in but no luck.
Does anybody know what exactly “reset network” on the zigbee developers page does and if this might fix this problem? It suspect I have to readd all of the zigbee devices but if that fixes things if might be worth the trouble I guess.

If I remember correctly, it creates a new network key and finds the “best” Zigbee channel to work on.

It might, or it might not, there are no certainties when it comes to Homey and Zigbee.

That’s correct, and fix any flows that contain these devices.

sorry my english isn’t great but gonna try anyway

I’m going to where the sensor should be

Then I press the button for few seconds as described

until the led blinks

then I press the button again every second until the led turns on again

this way i successfully paired some aqara sensors that were far away from homey

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Thanks for your reply, it’s doesn’t add the device no matter how often I press the button. It just doesn’t see it.