Homey (early 2019) stopped accepting Zigbee devices

I reset the Zigbee network several times. Only one item, a switch, could be added. It doesn’t pair with default Zigbee nor w/ dedicated apps. Tried: Innr, Ledvance, Aqara…
Sent an email to support. I’m on v8.0.6 and for Zigbee I read 2.6.3

Try an other power supply, 5V and 2A or higher.
or, if that is not sufficient,
Try the “Download full software update”. This helped solving your issue.
How to:

Happy user:

thanks again @Peter_Kawa. I will consult your pointers, I’m a bit stressed out, it’s about an apartment I’m renting out. And parts (lights, switches, plugs) rely on Zigbee … all else is Wifi based (seems more stable)

also, I observed a chirping noise, maybe it’s the power supply. I’ll see what I have…

If that’s the case, reinstalling the firmware without replacing the power supply first seems like a great way to brick your Homey.

ok, thanks for the heads up! Just surprised, it’s what came w/ Homey… anyway will look for something more moreful. Is there an upper limit, saw one w/ 3A?

The one that comes with Homey is actually known to be of very bad quality.

No upper limit, 3A should be fine.

bummer, got a reply from athom

It seems that your Homey is having issues interviewing the Zigbee devices during pairing, which causes the pairing to fail.

If you want, we can bring your Homey back to our office, to see if we can improve this issue with a special software fix which we can only apply in our office.

I’ll check the power supply and try the Full Firmware Download recipe before in any case…

a new power supply did the trick. Thanks

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