My Homey 2019, Have lost all zigbee

I don’t know what to do now!!

It started with me not being able to get homey to work with Zigbee,
Things using zigbee didn’t work when I tried to get a zigbee
thing in, it said it couldn’t start zigbee

i have change the power support to…

I tried to reset zigbee network, via Developer Tools… still couldn’t
… in the end I thought I had to factory install it again…

Again via Developer Tools “This Action will restart Homey pro into recovery mode”
and now the ring lights up, so I followed Homey Developer tools

But on the phone it says…”Could not connect to homey, try again
and now 50 times later, with almost no hair left I have to give up…

hope i have explained it in a way that someone says… i can help you!! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s actually weird that everything on Homey actually works. just not zigbee

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Hi. Some of the latest software updates is killing the zigbee chip on peoples homey units.
Happened to hundreds of people.
Sadly. Because the homey is 12 months + old. No warranty…

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I don’t know where you are from, but isn’t it that in EU should be 2 years of warranty?

No trolling please, or show us the source of your information


I’m sorry, but where does Daphne say Fuck You, no warranty?
She writes something else:

please send me your invoice so I can determine what I can do for you

Athom is proven very kind when it comes to out-of-warranty issues, and often offer you some kind of solution.

So please stop yelling the world is ending, just wait for Athom’s offer I would like to say.

Are you sure the Homey access point is not available at all? Or can you select it?

Phones tend to switch back to a wifi AP which can reach internet.
Homey’s AP obviously can’t, so you have to manually approve you want to keep using that AP anyways without internet.

after last weeks (february 26 or so) updates my Zigbee is not completely dead, but at least 10 devices do not work. At a support ticket I get the reply it may take 2 weeks for them to react - as they suddenly have a steep increase of support requests.

obviously they Forked UP fantastically with buggy softwareupdate. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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For me two Hue Motion Sensors (out of 25 Zigbee devices) disconnects after hours if I reconnect them. This started a couple of weeks ago. Waiting for an update that fix this.

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I’m not trolling. You haven’t seen the last mail?

“Based on the purchase date we have determined that your Homey Pro is out of warranty.”

As I said earlier. I will send them the old homey for a “check”.

This have happened to lots of people. 5 of my friends. But everyone of us ordered the 2023 homey. They just swapped their homey to the new. But I want to use the AUX output (the 2023 don’t have this).
And this problem is happening to more and more people in this forum also.
Starts with small zigbee issue. And after some days / weeks… Completely dead.

Would be nice if homey would accept to fix this problem. But I understand if they don’t. Small company and this would be very expensive for them.

Is it possible to de soldering the old chip and replace it with a new?

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