Zigbee stopped working (Pro 8.1.0)

Homey Pro (Early 2019) 8.1.0. All my zigbee devices stopped working today first time ever. I’ve switched power outlet off for 10 minutes and no help of that. 433 MHz devices are still working properly. I don’t want to loose any configurations. What I should do?

If you’re still using the original Athom power supply, try replacing it.

3A power does not help. Still says “Zigbee could not be started” in Developers Tools/Zigbee.

  1. Hold your Homey upside down for 1 minute to enter recovery mode.
  2. When Homey enters the recovery, please open your mobile app and tap “More”. After this please tap your Homey’s name beneath your account name, and tap the “Plus” icon to add a new Homey Pro.
  3. Connect your Homey app to your Homey’s WiFi setup and then to your own WiFi. After checking for updates, please select “No” if you are prompted to restore a backup. The Options button in grey should become available after this. Tap “Options” and choose to download a full software update.
  4. When this process is done, please check if your Zigbee issue still persists.

Thanks, this helps and zigbee is working again. But what was the reason for this kind of behaviour? Is it expected to recur on some day. I was lucky as it was morning when this happened and all light was on and also remained on the whole day. If all others of my family would been in home and I would been away from home…

Homey’s Zigbee just isn’t very stable for some people.

And there’s no way to avoid this?

I’m afraid not, no.

I’m thinking the future now if this happens when I’m not in home. It’s not possible to do full software update from remote location because it needs Homey recovery mode and Homey isn’t connected to web in recovery mode. Am I right? Are there any other optitions to recover Zigbee?

I’ve had this once myself and never again. So it is not said that this always comes back.

You can restart Homey in recovery here (without the upsidedown ‘thing’):
But, your phone (the device with Homey app) needs to connect directly to Homey’s temporary wifi AP during the start of the setup.

It might have worked using
setup.athom.com, but that site redirects to the app nowadays…

My best guess for remotely recover a Homey, but not possible:
a tablet or phone @ home, with the Homey app installed. Then remotely control that device somehow with f.i. Teamviewer.
But then the connection is lost when you connect it to Homey’s wifi AP.

I’ve been having trouble with all Zigbee devices on a daily basis i guess since advanced flows was introduced.
A reboot helps my system, but it needs to be done several times a day sometimes.
I thought it might be a plot to get me to buy the new homey…

At the moment all my 42 zigbee devices are working fine after full software update. Last week I started to use advanced flow and I can’t see any problem in that. I feel that sometimes when chancing configuration like adding new zigbee devices it might affect something unexpected behaviour for a short time.

I’m also someone with experience of this behavior. The thing that triggers it for me is updates. The feedback I got is that some of the homey models have a problem with restarting the Zigbee Radio. Don’t know if it can happen during a normal reboot, but I guess It doesn’t because a normal reboot doesn’t solve the issue, only a full software updates does fix it.

For me it’s not that big of a deal, usually i’m able to fix it in the evening when it happens (happens on average once in three updates). If your problem is also triggered by updates you can easily switch off automatic updates and only update manually when you’re at home to troubleshoot. Or if it helps only do full software updates.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, this worked wonderfully! When I entered the setup menu it said Homey was already running the latest version available, but after pressing the “full software update”-button it found a new version which was many versions higher than what my Homey was running…

I guess I will need to do a monthly manual update through recovery mode because Homey is unable to perform these updates automatically.

This seems very odd to me, and I think you should ask support what might be wrong…