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Homey can't find any firmware updates


I’ve just bought and installed a Homey and after assigning it a reserved IP address it can connect to the Wifi and I can use the network app. After that I wanted to update the firmware. But Homey can’t find any updates. I’m asking Homey what version it’s running and it only says “1 of May 2012”. If I’m asking it to update the firmware it tells me there’s no updates available at this time. I’ve checked “status.athom.com” and everything looks fine there. My network is a Google Wifi mesh network.

Any ideas?

Is the time set correctly? (Settings > System > Stuff for geeks > date_human)

Go to my.athom.com and then to settings–system
what firmware version does it state there??

Don’t know your language and maybe other settings but
1 5 12 ?
I Would have expected:
I am currently running version 1.5.12.

fyi 1.5.12 is the latest stable firmware at the moment:

Yes, it looks ok.

Hi guys!

I’m just installing Homey and have a similar problem:

Homey App firmware 1.0.4
Software 1.5.12

What gives?



Don’t see the problem, maybe your problem is that you did not read the previous postings (above yours)


The Homey app says it is current with version 1.0.4
The software says the firmware is the current version 1.5.12

Is the app not updating a 2 year old firmware?

Or is the app itself only on version 1.0.4?


I think that the app is up to date and your homey is also up to date. 1.5.12 is latest firmware version. I guess that the button in the app to update is to update the app not the firmware.

Would make sense.

Is your Homey showing the same?


Kill the desktop app and use the Chrome browser. Don’t mind the pop-up (the browser not allowed thingie) and ur good to go.

@John_Walbeck i’m not using the homey app on PC but i’m using chrome browser. The firmware that is on homey is 1.5.12 which is currently the latest stable firmware.