Forcing firmware update to Homey?

Is there any way to force Homey to update firmware? Been waiting for 2.2.- for a while now and made several reboots but I’m still at 2.1.2.
Want to try the new camera function and image push. :slight_smile:

Go to the update section in the app and let it search for an update. That always works for me…

(More / settings / update / search for updates)

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Where in the app is that? I’ve been looking all over for that in the app but have only found Reboot.

As said: More / settings / updates / search for updates)

My god, I’m embarrassed. As I said, im been looking all over in the app but I have totally missed the obvious Update menu choice.

Thank you for pointing it out and of course my Homey was ready and waiting to be updated. :slight_smile: