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Homey won't update to 2.0

Hello. I’m trying to update my homey to 2.0 rc9 but my Homey just won’t find it. I’ve set Experimental update to ON, and rebooted the Homey several times, but no go. I’ve also tried to press the update button in the homey app, but that only gives me: There are no updates available at this time.

Any clues?

Try firmware.athom.com

Thank you! The thing I did wrong was that I didn’t install the app for mobile… Guess you have to have a cellphone these days

@Kjettern You can install an Android Emulator on a PC and run the Homey-Android-App on that.

I hope that you know that now that you updated to 2.0 there is no more WebUI? So everything has to be done on your phone now :wink: