Fibaro firmware update?

Hey Guys

Simple question - Can Homey update the firmware on Fibaro devices ? - I found some posts on here but they are quite old



That’s a shame - Hopefully it might get implemented in the future

Not very likely. Most manufacturers only allow their own hubs access to firmware updates.

We can only hope that with the somewhat messy launch of Home Center 3, and how closed the box is (especially compared to Homey) and how Fibaro is announcing their collaboration with Athom, that they later actually DO release FW upgrades.

It sucks to have to purchase a Fibaro Lite for updates only. I’ve actually seen some rent them out for $20 and ship them so you can update your devices.

HeatIt is one of very few companies that does openly provide firmware updates I guess.

I have an HC3; the browser UI is OK but the app is terrible - can’t even remove a Z-Wave device on mobile.

Got a Homey Pro coming this afternoon; even though my modules are all Fibaro I have a feeling this may be a better overall fit.

My question is: I’d imagine that in order to use the HC3 to update module firmware, you’d still have to remove the device from the Homey Pro, attach to the HC3, flash the firmware, remove and re-learn to the Homey Pro?

I was really hoping there might be some way of using the Homey Pro as a master controller, with the HC3 as a slave; I fear this won’t fly. Any other thoughts?

Although I can’t confirm, you might be able to move them over, update, then move back by “repairing” the device. But I’m not sure.

Fw updates should be an extremely rare occurrence though.
I have never updated any of my z-wave devices.
The only things I’ve updated is IKEA shortcut button. I then needed the original hub.

You should check out Z-wave secure mode issues. Because of HeatIt and some issues when using secure mode, they are all being added with “unsecured” as default.
You can’t mix that, so you have to choose which you want. Fibaro means “00000” to pair “unsecured”.

It basically means less traffic and non-encrypted data. But it’s usually “node 3 sends temp 4.5C” type of data, so usually not very much any nosy guys with special equipment can do.

Most Fibaro devices I own are squeezed into badly accessible places, like behind wall switches with millions of hard cables, or inside drop ceiling. And I don’t think I am the only one who has it like this. The only way I know of how to get the device in learning mode is by pressing a physical button on the controller. So the lightness with which everyone is saying “just re-pair all devices” scares me a bit.

With fibaro you can also enter the inclusion mode if you tripple press (or 3x toggle, on → off → on) the switch that is connected to S1.
The ones in the ceiling probably won’t be connected their, but that at least saves you the trouble of opening up your switches.

Oh! Somehow I completely forgot this option, if I ever knew of it in the first place. Thank you so much for this hint, sir, you have saved me a lot of trouble. (Actually also the ones in ceiling also have a connected wire to a physical switch.)