Fibaro sensors firmware update


After looking for a solution for my flickering lights on my Fibaro Dimmer 2 and Fibaro Door sensors losing connection, I found this topic:

Since I need the 3.5 update for my dimmers, and I don’t want to dismount and ship my dimmers to the shop for an update, I decided to buy a Fibaro Home Center Lite to do the updates.

The idea is to sell it as second hand afterwards, but maybe I can make other (Dutch) people happy with it who are stuck with the same problem, and rent it out for lets say €30 for a few days?

Let me know if you are interested!


Hi Vincent,

How were you able to figure out what your current firmware version is, mine reports ‘563’ for the FGS-223, or ‘306’ for the Dimmers, which as far as I can tell are completely irrelevant numbers and unrelated to fibaro’s firmware change logs.

The way I figured out firmware was old by having the lights controlled by the dimmer flickering. :grimacing:Then when included into the HC2 I found that also every single FGS-223 was running old firmware.
From memory the firmware is written on the device label itself so unless you have ever done a firmware upgrade via HCL or HC2, then it should be that version written down on the label.

Hi Vincent,

i Would be interested to rent the fibaro HCL of a day or two.
when you are ready to rent it out, please PM me.

Hi Jamie, you are right… Just tested it, didn’t notice it before because Homey did not show the firmware version in the iphone app, but after excluding and including it showed the firmware version. Which isn’t actually the firmware version :wink:

I upgraded from Fibaro firmware 3.4 to 3.5. Homey showed 274 before and after the update…

Hi Rdw,

Great! I will pm you in a few days, I am updating my own Fibaro Dimmers this weekend! :slight_smile:

Is there any solution to this yet? About to pick up a few dimmers and an rgbw controller and it sounds like there might be firmware issues with them that I may way to get updated?

What firmware issues?

I’ve never had an issue with mine and they have never been upgraded.

as Danone mentioned if you worried, check the label.

I saw something about a flicker issue on the dimmer2

Does the label list the firmware then?

If you have no flicker issues, then no update is required.
Anyway, flicker issues were long time ago, since then all brand new Fibaro Dimmers have been shipped with firmware fixed.
Latest dimmers I purchased, there was no need for updates.