Device updates


I understand that the updates are not supported thru the Homey.

How dramatic is it, if you’re NOT updating the devices?

I want to skip buying all the seperate bridges of different branches by using the Homey, which is the greatets benifit of the homey. It is besides the money sometimes better to have a light of another brand.


Hi KiJo-DuKa,

Sorry im a bit confused. Do you mean ‘device firmware updates’ are not not supported, such as Fibaro dual switch firmware?

Let me rephrase.
Sometimes you read about updates for light and/or devices by the manufaturer. These updates go only ‘thru’ the bridge of the specific brand??? And if so, these updates will not be possible if you only have the Homey running, which is in my case.
But wil this be an issue? If it is working now. What would be the problem if you’re not updating?


There is gonna be no problems in most cases. My best guess is that ur not alone in having no other bridges at all. I meself only have the Hue bridge and that’s it!

Thanks for the heads up.

There might be software bugs in firmware of the devices with f.e. security risks involved. Those bugs could be resolved with a firmware upgrade. So an Firmware upgrade is desirable.

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Which devices can and can not have their firmware updated is out of the controllers (ie homey) hands. Fibaro will replace devices with the latest firmware if you return them, and Aeotec can using a Zwave USB and a windows computer.

I updated an Xiaomi device’s firmware yesterday using its iPhone app.

Contact the device creator on the policy on updating firmware.