Hue security update

Yesterday my newspaper reported a bug in Philips Hue. See also
Looks serious. There is a firmware update. But I use Hue with the Homey Pro and the Hue Zigbee app for Homey. Does anyone know what I have to do to install that firmware on my Hue bulbs?

Buy a Hue bridge.

Thank you for your quick response. But you don’t make me happy, are you sure this is the only option?

It’s the only way to update ur bulbs yes. Homey cannot do that and if it is to Hue it never can.

Grrrrr. But it is what it is…

Plenty of Hue bridges on the second hand market for good prices.
Could make the pain a little less…
Be aware to buy a V2 bridge (not the old round v1version).

The firmware update is only for the bridge, not the lights. A vulnerability in the Zigbee protocol is being used so the bridge can be flooded with traffic. (After taking a few more steps). When this succeeds, malware can be installed on the bridge. For the first step the attacker needs to be in the area. When you don’t use a hue bridge, or a hue bridge with the newest firmware there is no problem at all.

I sold my Hue Bridge wenn I bought Homey because with Homey, the goal is not to use bridges… After several months, I bought a Hue Bridge again, because Homey just doesn’t work correctly with Philips Hue for all the devices, for example the Outdoor Motion Sensor… And if you have several Hue bulbs (color) in a room, it’s much more easy to do an ambiance with the bridge (and then take it in a flow) than without. Just bye a Hue bridge makes life easier :wink: