How to migrate from a Bridge to a Pro

Hi there,

What is the road to upgrade/migrate from a bridge to a pro?
My ordered pro had finally arrived, I’d would like to keep my devices, flows etc.

Now I only have a bridge with a beta account, I also have added a Homey+ subscription.
But I can’t seem to find the back-up button in my Homey App.

Any suggestions?

Write out all your devices, flows, apps and scripts on a piece of paper, and re-enter them on your Pro.

(in other words: there is no migration path)


Hello, Is this really the only solution?


Mobile app: …More > Settings > Backups
But you don’t really have to do anything when you have a Homey + subscription.
Here you can view your backup (status):

That option is not available on Homey, only on Homey Pro
But there you don’t have Premium :wink:

And you can’t see anything of Backup’s in My backups | Homey from Homey’s (beta)

Idk but he writes he also owns a Pro very recently :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And this is Pro only as far as I know, backups only atm:


In the presentation of the pro 2023 Emiel mentioned that the bridge and new pro had the same build architecture.

Today I mailed the question if it would be possible to make a back-up of my bridge and put that on my new pro.

When i recieve an answer i will post it here.

That only is about the Antennas,
everything else is completely different as The bridge does not run Homey Apps / flows - That is done completely in Homey (Cloud).

Beside that the Homey Bridge has the Old Zigbee chip, not the New one they where talking about in the last AMA about Antennas and certification (FCC, CE, etc. )

There is no migration from the Homey (cloud) with or without Homey Bridge, to a Homey Pro
and I would be surprised is they come with that before Christmas 2023, if ever…