Restore backup from Homey Pro to Homey Cloud

Is it possible to restore backup from homey pro to Homey cloud (bridge)
Sold my Pro and bought a bridge

Nope that is not possible.

That sucks.
How long will it take to get access to the beta?
When i actually ordered a bridge i should get access right away!

That is not what they said in the keynote and not what is on the website…

Its not even a question. you should of course get access when buying a bridge. The bridge will be useless if not

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Why would you switch from homey pro to thr bridge? Just curious


I think you got this backwards. Homey is first and foremost a cloud service with an optional bridge. Why buy a bridge if you haven’t got the cloud service?

Why sell a device that you know will not work for most people?

Agree with you here! The right way to do it would be to give everyone buying a bridge an invite to the beta before anyone else without a bridge

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Going from Pro to cloud/bridge… I don’t get it.
It has less possibilities, aimed to non-techies, sort of to automate your lights.

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Actually you get almost everything of the same. Those staying with the pro is getting fooled. They are actually saying that the Pro is way overpriced. I don’t need the offline functionality as i don’t have any locks or alarms connected. By selling my pro and buying the bridge i got a lot of money to buy other smart stuff for :smiley:

The bridge is a great device but Athom could be more clear on what it will and will not do. It may be great for you, but then again coming from Pro you may find out you’ll mis some stuff. For instance, they claim the same number of supported devices, but that is most definitely not true. The number of verified developers is way more limited then the number of Homey Pro developers.

I know advertisements make things look nicer than they are, but this is an outright lie. HomeyPro supports 50.000 different devices, Bridge will not:

  1. You will not be able to use networked/wifi devices that only have local lan access and no cloud api to connect to.
  2. At least for now no Tado, heat-it, Lidl, Hue without the bridge,…
  3. You will not have access to most apps created by the community (as they will not be eager to pay EUR 99 a year to become verified developer).
  4. You will not have access to most or all of the apps listed under tools.

So if you own a lot of Shelly’s, Hue and Fibaro stuff, but do not own lesser used/known brands, and do not use Heimdall, Chronograph, group app, virtual devices, better logic, countdown, HomeyScript, Power by the hour or tools like that it will probably be great for you. Personally I would have hoped for support for some of those tools that do make Homey easier to use, because they eliminate the need for complex flows.

Athom now say Homey Pro is too expensive (for the masses, mind you). But they killed the less expensive 2019 model.They say because of less demand, but I cannot get away from the feeling that the they thought it would compete with the bridge too much.

So the bridge is a different target device, with a different audience, and different capabilities targeted towards that different audience. That is a good thing. But most likely it will not apply to a lot of the current forum users.

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Where did they say that?
I guess for > 90% of the current Homey consumes that’s not true. The know what they have and what that cost.

I guess they said something like: (as I Remember, will look up…)
Most of Homey you pay for is the SuperFast State of the Art CPU to get Best performance. But most of the time that CPU is doing nothing..... it is waiting for you or a sensor.

That doesn’t meant the CPU was overpriced,
That also doesn’t mean they could have done is with a cheaper les fast CPU and provide the same experience…

I am not Fooled…
With Homey (in the cloud) and a Bridge you get something that is enough for many customers. and for others (Geeks, Techies, Someone Who doesn’t want to be completely depending on Internet, Fooled people) there is a Homey Pro.

I belong to the last group, but not the Fooled People :wink:

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I stay with Homey Pro, So I am one of the Fooled. And proud to be! In fact, I am a happy Fool. In Dutch, “een blije eikel”. :crazy_face:


To be fooled is not the same as being a fool :smiley:
Regarding the CPU in the homey pro, its a dual core 1ghz, and it has 1gb ram.
The components in the Homey pro probably cost around 20-30 dollars more than the components in homey bridge do.
But ofcourse, you pay for the software aswell, and that’s what your getting a local version of.
Whatever suits you best…

But i personally think that most of the “pro” features will come to the cloud service aswell

Then we don’t agree on this.
They will not allow papertrails on cloud.

The main reason Homey pro is more expensive is that it is a one time fee. Seeing there are servers required at Athom, they provide support, they do firmware updates, … Some people are still actively using a Homey they bought in 2016.

So comparing hardware prices is pointless as the bridge is has a subscription model, which makes way more sense from Athom’s perspective. The total cost of ownership of the bridge, even after 5 years, is less than the old Homey ever cost. So I think it would be strange to expect the same functionality.

Of course not, that is a really Pro app :wink:

My best guess is more than 100 $ difference
What do you think a solidrun i.mx6 SOM costs?