Homey Cloud / Premium and Home Pro backup subscription

So my Homey 2019 model was not working anymore withou backup subscription. I used another one from my office to setup my whole Z Wave network again. Took me hours and signed up for a backup subscription. Because the Homey neede to be back to my office I decided to sign up for Homey Cloud / Premium with a Homey bridge (and bought one). So first it came out it was not possible to migrate a Homey Pro backup to the Homey Bridge / Premium. So started of again.

Now it seems that I am not able to subscribe to premium and that the devices trhrough the bridge are limited to five. My mailadress and account is associated with the Pro and the Bridge (as separate Homey’s). Any idea how to solve this?

Still Beta and no limitations, everyone has Permium at this moment

Homey Premium

During the first part of the beta, all accounts are treated as if they were subscribed to Homey Premium.

Homey Cloud Progress Update - The new Homey — Beta Status - #2 by Dijker

Perhaps this mail was sent in batches?
Having a (not very much used) bridge here, but no mail received…

Could be,
I received it a couple of times but not as many as Beta Keys :wink: :heart:

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