Homey Pro (Early 2023) Backup


Do you know if its possible to restore a backup from the old Homey 2019 to the new Homey 2023? So that all devices and flows are available on the new Homey?



It’s not supported right now


And this will be the big misstake off Athom (homey)
I will wait


Same with me. I’m not changing until I can backup and restore to new device


Same here, I will not buy new untill this works…too much flows, too much devices…

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Yep, not intending to make a manual change. Did it once (from the original to the now old Pro) and it was not a joyfull experience.

Look at the blue banner on top of this topic

Flows can be migrated using the Device Capabilities app ‘Flow exchanger’ functionality.

Definitely prioritize the backup/restore functionality. I’ve also pre-ordered but I’ll cancel the order if migrating everything from my old homey will not be possible at the launch of the 2023 model.

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There is no flow exchanger app…

Device Capabilities app including Flow exchange functionality

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You left out the important part :kissing_heart: like @HansieNL alr. mentioned:

The name of the app is hidden somewhere in there :wink:

Hello !
Good news (but not for zigbee users)

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Not yet for zigbee users :wink:
“…We’re still looking into automating this, but it’s quite difficult. …”

Is my reading correct that a backup is only possible from a previous Homey PRO? I only have a non-Pro Homey and would like to know if a backup to the new Homey Pro is also possible.

Do you have the Homey bridge then?
Because all ‘normal’ Homeys are now seen as a Homey Pro… :slight_smile:

No bridge, just a “normal” old Homey from 2019.

Interesting to hear that they are all seen as Homey Pro now. I was not aware of this silent upgrade… :rofl:

Any further news on Zigbee ?

Hoping I can migrate now with no issues. Can anyone confirm

So my Homey Pro 2019 seems to have failed. I’ve been paying for cloud backup for years in case this happened. So now I’m reading that to use the backup I need to buy another 2019 Homey, I can’t buy a newer one and use the backup? If so this feels like a massive failure by the Homey team (why would I pay for a backup if I could not use it with newer hardware).

You’re reading it wrong.