Homey Pro (Early 2023) Backup


Do you know if its possible to restore a backup from the old Homey 2019 to the new Homey 2023? So that all devices and flows are available on the new Homey?


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It’s not supported right now

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And this will be the big misstake off Athom (homey)
I will wait


Same with me. I’m not changing until I can backup and restore to new device


Same here, I will not buy new untill this works…too much flows, too much devices…

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Yep, not intending to make a manual change. Did it once (from the original to the now old Pro) and it was not a joyfull experience.

Look at the blue banner on top of this topic

Flows can be migrated using the Device Capabilities app ‘Flow exchanger’ functionality.

Definitely prioritize the backup/restore functionality. I’ve also pre-ordered but I’ll cancel the order if migrating everything from my old homey will not be possible at the launch of the 2023 model.

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There is no flow exchanger app…

Device Capabilities app including Flow exchange functionality

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You left out the important part :kissing_heart: like @HansieNL alr. mentioned:

The name of the app is hidden somewhere in there :wink:

Hello !
Good news (but not for zigbee users)

Not yet for zigbee users :wink:
“…We’re still looking into automating this, but it’s quite difficult. …”