Migrate form homey to homey pro


So i just got my homey pro, the classic one went too small.

Shall i unpair all my zwave devices first from the old homey??

Or will all be transferred together with the profile?

That would be great!

But unfortunately it doesn’t work.

You have to exclude all you devices from the old homey and include to you new homey again.

For backup you flows you can maybe use this app?

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Okay, i warned my wife to consider me missing for the next 24hours :grin:

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Especially with z-wave devices it is a lot of work, especially if you have a lot of them or they are hard to reach for.

This is keeping me from upgrading to the Pro. I’ve noticed a lot of stuttering/delay with the voice so I’m reaching the point where a Pro is recommended.

Use a power bank or cable drum, in this way you are Mobil with homey and you can reach every device! :grinning:

Think it is the same for both Z-wave and Zigbee. Maybe even worse with Zigbee if you have Xiaomi stuff that you have to keep pushing while adding…

Maybe next vacation(not this😈) you see her again.

Yeah but some sensors are placed high above doors and glued with sticky tape… hard to open them to reach the pairing button.

If you have Neeo contact sensors you can open it and remove the printboard that way you can easely pair it in close range off homey. Maybe other devices have the same option