Homey Pro19 to Pro23 partial migration (mostly about z-wave I think)

Hi there,

I need a little advise. I want to migrate from my old production use Homey Pro to the new Homey Pro23.
So yeah, easy going, so far I know about some best practises like noting IP changes and everything.
But I have one tiny issue remaining.

There is one app I use which will most likely never be ported to SDKv3 which is still holding me off from doing the migration.

The obvious idea: Keep that app and one or two depended apps on the old Homey and move everything else to the new one. Until maybe some day I can find a better solution to replace that one SDKv2 app.

You would now say, yeah just reset your old Homey Pro and set things up again. But that would be a nightmare to be honest. Simply because there is such an abudant amount of flows entangled with this app. Wondering which one am talking about? It is the NEEO integration.

So basically I thought I do a normal migration to Pro23 and then remove everything I no longer need from Pro19. But then there is z-wave and possibly zigbee. I think I read that with zigbee you need to repair anyways and I only have 2 devices. So that would be no drama. But z-wave is a drama.
As far as I understood, when I restore the backup on the Pro23 the Homey will adopt the original z-wave network from the old Homey. Which of course would create a conflict if I booted up the old Homey in parallel.

Maybe the solution is simple, but I am uncertain. Would it be possible to simply reset the z-wave network on the old Homey so it aquires a new z-wave idendity which is not in conflict with the restored backup on the Pro23?

Any pointers on a valid approach for this would be helpful.

Recap the idea:

  • Make backup and pre migration precautions
  • Power down old Homey
  • Power up new Homey and restore backup
  • Verify the restored backup was successful and everything is still working
  • Power down new Homey
  • Power up old Homey, reset z-wave, remove migrated apps which are no longer required on the old Homey
  • Power up new Homey for parallel operation

Would this work? And how do I get the old Homey to use a new z-wave idendity without resetting it completely?

Not related to zwave, but check out the homesh app.
That way you can trigger flow on the orher homey…
You can probably move more flows using this workaround

Homesh controller
Homesh satelite

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What I was thinking of:
Take Pro19 to a location (far) away and out of it’s zwave range;
Start it up, reset zwave and/or remove all zwave devices;
Now you can run Pro19 next to the now new zwave controller, the Pro23

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Why the step of going out of range? Does a z-wave reset compormise the existing z-wave devices known by that homey in that moment?

That was in case the zwave was already up and running on your Pro 23