Community Backup & Restore for Homey v2 and Up! [Alpha Version]

Hi guys,

Just to be Clear: This is NOT about Athom’s Homey Cloud Backup and/or Homey + Subscription

I created a Homey Community Backup & Restore Web App (HCB&RWA). This makes it possible to create and download a Zip file with the Alarms, Logic, Apps, Zones, Devices, Folders and Flows on your Homey.
After that it is possible to Select a previous downloaded Zip backup and restore these objects on this or another Homey. Community Backup & Restore works best from a Desktop browser, pls do not try on a Tablet, it is just to small!

(And up-front apologies for the layout, I am a functional programmer not a Designer :wink: )

Although Athom promised a Backup-Restore this is probably something completely different from what Athom will provide. (for what was told cq what the rumors are.)

Differences with the promised Athom Backup, cq characteristics of Community Backup & Restore:

  1. You download a Zip file with a Fulll Backup! Stor it Locally in a safe place!
  2. You have the option to select from as many backups (zip files) you keep.
  3. You can select each object (Alarm, Logic, App, Zone, Device, Folders and Flow) to restore the old state of that object or recreate a deleted object with the same name/characteristics.
  4. HCB&RWA can’t restore Z-wave and Zigbee devices, it will recreate a App device when that option is selected. Restore of Z-wave and Zigbee will only be possible by the Athom Backup!
  5. You authorize your Browser to get full Access to your Homey. Just close your browser to stop access.

Alpha Version
There are many UIDs used for all objects and these have to be re-linked when restoring/recreating a complete config. I probably have missed some but that will be a matter of time. Pls report what goes wrong and send me fe a description, screenshots of the Developer Console (Inspect in Chrome) a JSON of the Flow and/or a Backup file if you can. (be aware it could contain personal data and/or secrets)

Mapping of UIDs
To keep track of all old and new UIDs you have to let HCB&RWA create a “~ CommunityBackup Restore Info”. It is just a nonfunctional Switch but provides me some place to store settings on your Homey. It does not harm even if you delete it but keeping it will keep track of all IDs on your Homey across restores. If you don’t create the device, a Restore can’t map fe Flows to the re-created devices!

Mapping of Z-Wave and Zigbee devices
HCB&RWA can restore a Z-Wave or zigbee device to a < groups> app device.
it will do this if you enable the option on the first tab and the z- device is not on Homey anymore but you want to restore it from a backup. The created groups device Wil have the same capability as the original z- devices.
After restoring the flows that uses this devices they should work. You can add the real z- device to the group device to let them operate and switch accordingly.
Pls test and report if it works for your devices.

Restore of 433 kind of devices
Restoring a KAKU or some other devices works and automatically pairs with the same 433 code so should work most of the time. Pls also let me know if restoring a Nexa, Telldus or other 433 device works and results in working devices. I expect it to work as it works for other 433 devices.

Tested or reported 433 and other devices that can be restored:

  • KlikAanKlikUit (trust/Coco)
  • HomeEasy
  • ScreenLine Remote

Devices not able to restore a working version yet:

  • Solar panels SolarEdge
  • Thermosmart
  • NetAtmo

These are on my list to get a Restore working, either by fixing the restore process or by adding an option to replace the devices after that in broken flows.

Logon or Authorization

I have to use a workaround for authorizing your browser. This will change once Athom provides me with an Web API Key but for this moment when I asked they stated “They will not give out an API key because we create a Backup option ourself.”. To Authorize YOUR browser : Open and open the provided link (to…) to log in for an authorization code, Copy it, close the Window and Paste - Submit to log on to your Homey. Have Phun! (Withou /login it halts with an: “redirect_uri does not match” )

Known Issues
Beside many un-known issue’s I give you already one I know:

  • in Cards with Text fields with Multiple [Tags] only the first will be repaired (mapped), if more [Tags] exist the mapping fails at this moment.

Reserved for FAQ or so

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Great way to stifle community effort on a functionality that has been promised for more than a year now with no timeline on when to expect it.

Keep up the good work, @Dijker!


Looking nice!

Installed papertrails directly form your site, but it stops working directly. You are notified apparently :wink:

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Thanks a lot for the effort! I’ll have a look at it soon.

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Yep, Thanks!
There was still an issue, When it installs and try’s to Read the Log that doesn’t Exists.
Just Clear it from the App Settings and it will work!
Will have to update Papertrails!

Great work! @Dijker I’m planning to start the migration to my Homey Pro this weekend and this will sure save me a lot of time.

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Meant to post this here

Well done -

will gladly sign up to Patreon to support your hard work!


Dijker is creating Cool things for Homey | Patreon


@Dijker WOW! Great Work! Thank You! and b.t.w the Screendesign is amazing :wink:

I have not yet been able to test that much but wanted to release!

You can just run both side by side to check, and I Like to hear all your findings.
You should be able to migrate a fe Z-Wave socket or TRÅDFRI or Hue bulb to a < Groups> Device and Link the real device to the < Groups> Device.

That would be great. I”ll let you know what my findings are when I get to it.

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Great job, respect! :+1: :clap: :facepunch:

Just made my first complete backup. The json files in the zip will also be very handy to check device settings and capabilities!

I have one minor point of “criticism”: i find the gradient blue background in combination with the black letters hard to read in a bright environment, specially on the sides.

Today I lost all my historical solar panel production data! Of course, before I tried your backup feature… :cry:

However, I can get historical data from the website of the inverter’s manufacturer.

Would it be possible to:

  1. Make a backup now
  2. Modify the backup to include the historical data
  3. Restore the modified backup to get the historical data back into my Homey

Even better: this would allow me to get data into my Homey from before I wrote the driver to support my inverter!

@Dijker If so, how would I need to approach this?

(I must admit that I have not researched what’s currently possible; does a backup include data, or only settings?)

Wow! Awesome work Geurt :clap: :grin: :1st_place_medal:

Makes me wonder even more why Athom never implemented this themselves. But Im glad you stepped up and just did it.


I can login on the site and it say it is starting to download, but after that nothing else happens.

I guess you see the loaded flows, logic, zones, etc?
And then hit the create full backup button?
Or didn’t you get that far?
What browser are you using? Did you try an other Fe Chrome?

For what I know it is not possible to write the insights data back to Homey.
I have not found it in the API documentation.
So I do not create a backup of it either. Just the mentioned objects in the OP are part of the backup.

Then I should not spend time on this… :cry:

Such a shame that Athom/Homey does not support this!

Same here, loading……. blue/green screen, nothing happens
Tried it in IE, Edge and firefox

Hmmmm… Loading is something different than downloading.
I am away for some quality time but did you check there where no cloud issues at that moment as I have seen some recently.
Beside that are you able to test it with Chrome? That is what I used to build and test. Do not immediately have an option to test ie, edge or Firefox now.
Also look if you have browser extension active and Fe look if works that one uses in general the same technology.

Tested here and it even works from my Android tablet…