How to rollback firmware from V 5.0 back to V 4.20

Since the update to V5 a lot of apps don’t work anymore
e.g. Homewizard
Smart Presence
Led Ring Collection

My whole House(heating, lights etc) was based on time and presence triggers or Siri commands so now basically the whole system is down!! HELP!!

How can I downgrade to V4.2 tha easiest way?!?
… I did read posts about resetting homey but it is not clear to me how it works

Does anyone have a stpe-by-step-guide?

Menne 5days ago i made step by step guide if any question post . You will lose all settings .

Can’t you just restore a (4.2) backup afterwards?

Where is it then? appearanently My post Has been Moved to this thread, but I can’t find the guide you’re talking about.

Hi Jamie!
Yes ofcourse!
I have procedure how to restore Homey but it doesnt work for me.
Now i made factory reset one more time but still V5.0.xx load.
What i was doing:
1.Checked in homey developer that experimental tab ticked off
2.Checked in Homey app that all experimental ticks are off and ticked of automatic update.
3. Chrome web browser open , proced until when need to connect to Homey setup SSID
4.Turned homey upp and down, count from 10-0 , connected to Homey setup SSID.
5.Now i made choice of Dont connect an athom account with ALT button option.
6.After that it warns to put back Homey on leg , after some time Homey told me to connect again with and only option ihad was to connect with my existing account.
7. After setup i have still Same V5.0


Thanks homey-sandve this method work. Where , how did you found this method ??? This should be good for other user to read if they want to revert back to 4.2.
What i done whith your help:
1.After connecting to wifi , emediatly i was pressing ALT when update checking was ongoing. PS do not release ALT key otherwise it will continue with setup.
When i hold ALT i get these alternatives for selection:

Still i was holding ALT key and selected with mouse Revert to stable channel, still ALT hold and press enter.
After that load with new software started and i successfuly get back old firmware.
Forget to mention that i lose all settings.
Thanks home-sandve and all other for help. This make my day Happy

Not helpfull at all @Tangodelta I (and I think everyone in this thread) would not need to Roll-back if it weren’t necessary. But over here, some system-critical apps are down. So I NEED to Rollback, just to get my system back in operation, whilst I wait for app-developers to catch up on V5/SDK3

can u put back your flows with flowbackup?

I cant use Flow backup due to incompability issues with 4.20 version. Other way is tu use Homey+ subscription which iam not and you need to purchase subscription. Maybe somebody else know some free solution ???

I have a Homey backup subscription but it only stores the last 7 updates and it updates everyday…
So all the updates available are alreay V5 :frowning:

If flow backup isn’t working then you might try community backup option, and if that isn’t working and there is no backup available for 4.2 of your Homey under Homey Backups (you can disable auto backup in the app settings).
Then there is nothing else then restart over from factory defaults if you really want v4.2 over v5.

Thanks @Caseda this looks promising,
Buy the way, it not that I WANT V4.2 over V5.0
My whole system of lightning, alarm and heating is based on Smartpresence, and my heating is still controlled by Homewizards’ Heatlink. So basically half my system is Down now,

Still wondering what made u do the experimental thingie?
Just because experimental is not an update, it’s an experimental release and (especially with this release) there was a lot of warnings all over the place that some things could fail and some other things would fail for sure.

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Nope, I was fully aware. And in the announcement, we alI received Early June, Homey put a disclaimer that some apps might not work with V5. They even listen the apps they thought would be Vulnable.

But as i did not find any apps in that list that my house is heavily depending on, I figured I would be OK. And, so I figured, If not I can always go back to V4.2… I did not know that downgrading (without losing settings) would not be possible. A warning about that would have been appreciated.

Now I feel stupid and heavily regret not digging deeper while I had the chance… But I lacked the time…

Now I face daily complaints from my spouse about how nothing works, and it’s all my fault… :frowning: in Dutchism “Who burns his ass, must sit on the blisters”

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This procedure doesn’t work in Mac? Why?!

I will try this to rollback my homey to 4.2. The v5 rc44 works with exception of Ledvance Osram GU10 rgb lights. The other Ledvance items (plug, garden lights) still work.

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I’ve got the same prb, the osram GU10 won’t work, they are recognized by homey, but they won’t answer to any orders … even just on off… my other osram devices works perfectly well. It seems that osram are stopping updates by the end of year …

What do you mean with “Osram stopping updates by end of year?”

Hoi did you set youre settings back?
When i do a rollback all my backups are greyed out.

My system is very unstable with the latest experimental version of 7.0.1 RC5 I see a very high system load continually. And there for homey is not accessable or offline. If I rollback to stable 7.0 do I loose all my devices? Do I need to add everything new? I have the backup subscription. Please advice.