[HOWTO][PRO 201x] Revert from experimental to stable firmware


You couldn’t & you can’t revert from the current stable firmware to the previous stable firmware version
Reverting from v7.3.0 to 7.2.0 → :x:
Reverting from v7.3.0-RC.22 to v7.2.0 → :white_check_mark:

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  1. a backup!
  2. the Recovery mode & adv. options guide by @Dijker might come in handy.

How to:

  • What is key: You have to disable “Experimental updates” prior to your backup creation
    When you restore THAT backup again, it keeps your Homey at stable firmware version after factory reset.
    Otherwise it will just update to RC firmware again, non-interuptable.

  • disable “Experimental updates” @ Homey Developer Tools

  • open the mobile app

  • hit […More] > [Backup] and create a backup

  • when it’s finished, turn Homey upsidedown OR, open Homey Developer Tools and press [Restart into Recovery];
    wait for about 30 to 60 seconds

  • @ mobile app, hit […More] and press your Homey name below your account name (at the top)

  • press [New Homey]

  • select [New Homey Pro]

  • connect to Homey-xxxxx SSID and when asked, select your wifi SSID to connect to

  • “A Backup is available, install it”? → press NO

  • press [Options]

  • pick [Factory reset]

  • wait for it to finish

  • in app screen, hit [New Homey] again

  • connect to Homey-xxxxx SSID and when asked, select your wifi SSID to connect to

  • “A Backup is available, install it”? → press YES

  • now Homey restores your selected backup and installs unidentified software updates

  • wait until Homey has completely restarted

  • wait longer

  • again, press [New Homey]

  • select [New Homey Pro]

  • (… my wifi-setup now couldn’t find Homey-xxxxx…)

  • abort wifi setup by hitting [X] at the top-right

  • when all went well, your “old” Homey suddenly has been added and is selectable now.


  • The deprecated tado° v3.x app was still present after factory reset and backup restore… while it’s not in the official app store.
    As far as I knew, a restore downloads your apps from the store. It probably saves apps which aren’t in the store anylonger.
  • the backup actually works :grimacing:

Hi Peter.
Thanks for the guide
However, this does not succeed in returning from FW 7.4.x to 7.3.x.

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Correct this only works for reverting from a experimental to a earlier stable while there is no newer stable.
Once the last experimental is declared stable you can’t go back anymore.

Also not sure if it is possible to return from x.x.y-rc.x to the x.x.x with a backup of -rc.x or that yiu need a backupnof older non-rc firmware.

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Thanks for the information. Apparently it is no longer possible to reset the status of the FW. All options tested. Anyone who is on 7.4 probably has no chance to go back to 7.3.

Greeting Ben

Correct, that is what the topic describes, going from experimental to a stable firmware release. (While there is no newer stable)
Not from one FW to another back in time. That has never been posible for users/consumers.

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In general and to whom it may concern:
I found out if a backup which was created while having the “experimental updates” switch to ON, you can NOT revert to stable;

What happens:
After factory reset to stable, restoring a backup created while having the “experimental updates” switch to ON,
just starts to install the RC update, uninterruptable.
I’ve informed Athom about this, they’ll consider adding a confirmation screen to select if you’d like to install the RC or not.


  • Turn off the switch for “experimental updates”
  • Then create a backup
  • When restoring this backup, the RC firmware will not be installed.

Prevention / workaround:
So, turn off the switch for “experimental updates” after the RC firmware is installed.
You can check #Homey channel on Slack, or this forum for any news about updates.


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Sorry if my post was unclear, I’ve just updated it, to make things more clear

no problem all good.