[HOWTO][PRO 2023] Revert from experimental to stable firmware

[As tested by @Henk_Renting and @Mickel_Luiten (Thx!)]


You couldn’t & you can’t revert from the current stable firmware to the previous stable firmware version
Reverting from v10.2.1 to v10.2.0 → :x:
Reverting from v10.2.1-rc.1 to v10.2.0 → :white_check_mark:

Click here for the Pro 201x howto

How to:

  1. Disable experimental updates @ https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/settings
    Disabling experimental updates is key here!
  2. Create a backup! It’s important for the experimental updates to be disabled
    NOTE: You’ll need the backup when things went wrong; so, there’s no need for restoring backups when this procedure succeeds
  3. Follow the steps at https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/articles/7263435817116-Connecting-Homey-Pro-Early-2023-to-a-PC-Mac-with-USB.
  4. Choose Software Update

May I suggest that you clarify what kind of backup you refer to in item 2? I assume you mean a cloud backup, right?

And if so, isn’t it necessary to restore that backup after item 4 has completed?

Using Cloud backup or USB backup is up to you.
I’ve updated the howto, thx.

No, otherwise I would have added a point 5. to the howto.
Thx for being sharp!