Revert back to 4.2.0 from 5.0 version

By a mistake i turned on experimental updates for Homey. It then updated to 5.0 version. I tried following this guide to revert back. How to rollback firmware from V 5.0 back to V 4.20

I get the option to revert back to stable version and i choose “don’t install update” while still holding the ALT button. Still when the Homey then take a restart, it is the 5.0.0-rc.26. :confused: What to do?

If you have backup services activated you can restore an older version.

That is tried. Tried to restore a backup to 4.2.0. After reboot homey got upgraded to 5.0. Experimental is not turned on for that backup.

Turn it off here before doing the restore.

And you might have to do a factory reset first, and then do the restore.

Thank for your reply, but it is already off here.