Upgrade from experimental 1.5 to stable 2.0?

I am still on Homey 1.5 - During the 1.x period I’ve joined the experimental updates in order to bug hunt and help developers.
Now (finally) I’ve decided to upgrade to 2.x but I want my Homey to stay in the stable firmware branch (and not the Experimental if there is one). Is this possible without completely resetting my added devices and flows?

I have searched the forum but cannot find a definite answer.

Not sure, if after updating to V2 from V1,5 that the expermintal thing also stays. Or you have to select experimental again.

At the other hand you can always turn off auto updates and do only the stable updates manuly.

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You’ll always stay in experimental once you activate it, this will not change with any update of homey, this includes the transition to homey v2.

So indeed, a full reset is needed if you really want it disabled, or disable the automatic updates.