Homey 2.0.0 Experimental discussion [EN]

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This update has some limitations compared to Homey v1.5:
— Insights is disabled

Quick question; is the representation of the logged data disabled, or is the logging of data disabled all together? I have my own ‘Insight’ system (made and Insights2SQL app) so I don’t mind if only the charts are disabled, as long as the data is still being logged.

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Hello, how do I update to beta? Can I revert to stable if it is stable without losing data/resetting the device?
I installed the Android Beta App and it says when I open it “There is no update for Homey available yet”

U can do this by reading this.


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Take a look at https://firmware.athom.com but be aware you can NOT go back to stable. So don’t install this version if you are not 100% sure what the implications are.


And select Experimental updates first in developer tools section.


Good question. I would like to know this as well.

just to update this topic, you CAN go back to stable, but do remember you will have to reset to factory default (by holding ALT button during setup steps) to revert.


I can access my homey with the new v2 firmware, but in the developer tools section my homey is offline.
How can I access my homey inside the developer tools section?

I am holding updating off. For the first time…

Question to the brave at heart. Does the App Better Logic work?

I’m running 2.0 now and for me it works quite good. But i dont like i need go into the device to se the temperature etc. would like to see it in homeview. Will that be changed?
Will also search Fields be added again in device
Will it be possible to add different icons later on?



I have enabled Homekit in the Experiments section and added the bridge to Homekit but how do I add my devices to Homekit?

I have also found Homey stops responding at times, from a few seconds to many minutes. Anyone else experienced this?

Better Logic seems to be working fine.

The Alexa integration that shows devices in Alexa seems to have broken. None of the device are responding.

In general I like it but time will tell if my flows still work.

Can anyone comment on weather the lifx Lan app works on V2, I don’t want to go back to lag town

Better logic is not currently working, it has been worked on to make sdk2 but is not completed yet. But v2 Homey has much better logic support built in.

I know you cant revert once on the experimental track at the moment but if v2 contains backups, does than mean you will be able to revert once on v2?
ie if 2.1 comes out can I jump of the experimental track at that stage and revert back to 2?

It is not complete clear what the future will bring.
For now it is always possible to revert from a experimental to the latest stable,. Loosing all settings.

Although I expected it will be also possible when 2.1 is still experimental and backup and restore probably comes in 2.1 or later I expected that restoring a backup from an experimental on a stable Homey will restore it to experimental.

It seems I was a bit hasty. Better Logic has no settings page in V2 so no way to define new variables. The variables defined before updating to V2 are still there and seem to work with the cards when I Test the flows.

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Hello boys.

My first experience with 2.0

The update went smoothly.

The first thing I noticed was that I do not see any sensor temperature. I have to click on them for a long time. This will miss me very much. It’s a step back. I hope this is only temporary.

1: small problem xiaomi app button WXKG12LM and WXKG11LM do not work. Pairing ok. Running scenes does not work.

2: Flows: I create a scene. 1 step WHEN ok , 2 step AND problem … Does not show added card. Step 3 THEN ok
Only after I save the scene I see AND card.

3: bugg HOMEY - I tested scenes. xiaomi button and sonoff basic. I created this scene without any problems. But the button does not work xiaomi apps. I wanted to delete this scene. Well, she could not clear it. They gave me information about the problem.

4: Infarkt !!! I preventively restart HOMEY. Setup … General … Restart Home …

a … Please wait Homey is rebooting OK
b … Loading system … oranges led circle light OK
c … After a few minutes INFARKT. Home Led Lighting Circle on Red …

I regretted updating the experimental version.
After a few minutes, when I did not change anything, Homeas disconnected for 30 seconds.
Homey booting orange, then began to shine the rainbow, Homey is alive.
It was a shock. He lives Home and I too.

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I get the same problem when adding cards to the And section. They don’t show until I save and open the flow again. I tried adding a card 3 times because they didn’t appear then gave up. When I came back to the flow later all 3 where there.

I really like the V2 of Homey, both firmware and app updates. Updating went very well, and everything seems to be a bit more stable, still yet to get a timeout from a device, but I have gotten a timeout from the app itself 1 or 2 times.

But, I would love to have the temperature shown on the device card, without having to press the card first. Like the locks have a lock icon on it to show wether its locked or not.

Homekit also seem to work very well!

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