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Version 2.0.1-rc.2 and 2.0.1

I am a bit confused. My homey updated tonight automatically to 2.0.1-rc.2. That seemed odd to me, I thought upgrading to 2.0 veered me off the manual pampering path of upgrades after I made the mistake to go experimental with the 1.x platform. Checking for upgrades showed me 2.0.1 was available and thinking it was the stable version I upgraded to that. Now I find out 2.0.1 is an experimental update. Am I again suckered into a non-automatic upgrade policy here?

Sounds like you were on the experimental path, installed 2.0 (which was still exp. at the time) and now you are on 2.0.1
Iā€™m not sure if you can go back to stable without losing all settings though

Nope. Did a manual update to 2.0 after it became stable. Would like to be an a stable automatic update scheme now. But that ship has sailed after installing 2.0.1 manually now?

You will not receive the update at all as option if you did not enable experimental updates only when it is enabled, this is also if you enabled it before 2.0.

There is only 1 way to get out of experimental, and 1 workaround.
To get out of experimental, even if you activated it before 2.0, you will stay in experimental until you fully reset your homey, and hold ALT during the setup steps.
The work around is disabling automatic updates.

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