Flow Backups (v1.1.1)

Flow Backups

Backup and restore your flows to and from a file. You can select which flows from your backup you want to restore. You can use the app to copy multiple flows at once as well.
The app is intended as a temporary solution, until Athom offers a built-in backup function.

Current Version : 1.1.1

Athom Apps store: https://apps.athom.com/app/nl.regoor.flowbackup
Github repository: https://github.com/Dijker/nl.regoor.flowbackup

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Dutch

Latest Update:

  • v1.1.1 Minor update to SDK2

Warning: use this app at your own risk.

Special Thanks to the Original Developer Serge Regoor for creating the initial App! He transferred the app to me on request.

Continuation of the old Forum discussion here:

Reserved for future info.

Does it back up your devices as well?

Hi @Oyvindst,
backup of devices isn’t possible (at least not for Z-Wave and Zigbee) and restoring other devices generates new unique IDs where all flows are broken so this is only to protect you from messing up your flows where all apps and original devices are still available.

Athom has announced to implement a cloud back-up after the release of Homey 2.0 firmware.

I understand! Thank you!


Thanks for developing a app for this.

I have unfortunely I have not succeeded to retrive the “bearer token”.

I hovering over my Homey symbol (where I login) but nothing hapens when I right click?

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

/ Martin

This of course only works in the Chrome browser,
Or where you trying it from the Desktop App?

Hi Dijker.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

Yes, it was excactly the problem- Thanks a lot.

My problem is that I have a Homey that has broken down from time to time and
now I would like to “move” my Flows over to the new Homey unit instead.

I manage to find the Bearer Token and save the Flows locally from my old Homey but I could not use it in my new Homey.

  • I guess thats because my new Homey requires a new “own” Bearer Token?

Do you know if there would be any other way for “copying” Flows from one Homey to another?


Best regards Martin

@Dijker Is it possible to use this app with Homey v2?

Hey Guys and Girls?
Sorry I have to inform you the FlowBackups App isn’t going to work on Homey v 2.0.
I updated the setting page a while ago to function in the experimental app on Homey v1.5.x but due to the additional security on Homey v2.0 restores of flows is not possible anymore.
I have been working already on a web version like the HomeyDa.sh but HomeyDa.sh also has not enough permissions to restore on v2.0 (and will not get these permissions as a dashboard does not need such permissions)

Contact with Athom revealed the probably won’t give a API key now, especially because Athom will release a form of Homey backup and restore probably in their cloud portal.

Although this setback I am still looking at an alternative way to backup and restore flows and probably more.

I just need some more time and not sure the next two weeks will be very productive as I have some relax time during a holiday…


Have you succeeded in anyway yet on this?

Yep, with a lot of sweat …
For a workaround / Community solution see:

Well done - will gladly sign up to Patreon to support your hard work!