How to migrate to a Homey Pro?

In “Behind the Magic - Mai 2019”:


Maybe the Backup-Restore-Migrate Feature is coming?

Maybe they will introduce a new feature that enables you to open the fridge, get out all the ingredients for dinner, chop it, fill the pans, put them on the stove, start the cooking and warn you if it’s almost ready… :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s a secret.

Dont forget the most important :beer::beer::beer::beer:

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My email to homey support was:

“My homey is slooow. If I buy homey pro to speed up, how can I transfer everything from my old homey to new homey?”

The answer was:

“Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you’ve problems with your Homey.

If you have up to 15 brands you might consider buying a Homey Pro as explained here:

I hope this information does serve your request!”

So they are seling me the new homey pro, but not answering my question regarding migration…

I replied to them asking again but didn’t get an answer, just customer experience survey…

I get a lot of general answers from homey support lately if I even get one… With bad and slow support I guess athom has some great problems inhouse.

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Not very good indeed that they only give you answer for the first part of the question.

I can give you the answer for the second part… and guess you wont like it. At the moment there isnt a back en restore so you need to adding all your devices and making your flows again.

But there is something made by the community , not sure how it works. But you take a look at it.

Also this (web-)app: Community Backup & Restore for Homey v2 and Up! [Alpha Version]


Thank you for the answer. I don’t have Homey Pro yet, and won’t buy one until athom officialy supports migration between homey’s.


Anyone have any experience migrating to Pro version? Is it any faster and/or more stable?

I think a lot of us have the same urgent request. How to migrate to Pro because the classic homey is to slow. But we became no answer

No problems with a classic homey, and yes more then the 15 apps athom mention. And i know there a lot more users who dont have problems with it.

But a good strategie from athom :rofl:

The 15 apps max is just to prevent trouble on their side. Running like 60+ apps on a normal old Homey and no problems at all.

I have arround 25 apps and it is slow… HUE app alone is using 60mb of RAM. Each app takes at ninimum 10mb.

If I count all apps I get to 475mb of RAM + 145mb for HOMEY, which is more than 512… I guess it pages the rest. This is a day after homey reset.

So @Rocodamelshekima please advise how can I lower the memory usage…

And what is ur definition of slow?

Not sure what you really mean then. Do you mean it is slow in actual behaviour or do you mean it is slow because you think it uses too much memory?
It too have an early model with 20 apps, 75 flows, 50 z-wave and 25 Zigbee devices and it is functioning fine.

In general I know how fast homey was in the begining, but it was different version of software and firmware and I had less apps and devices, so I don’t know what is the reason.

I have about 130 devices. 30 z-wave, 25 zigbee, 50 devices via HUE bridge and arround 25 other devices(RF, WiFi, …). And about 70 flows…

For me slow mens:
It is not as fast in direct actions as ti used to be(devices on/off, settings, …).
I get timeouts or very long waiting when setting the parameters or trying to control a device.
When editing the flows in app or web, just not fast enough to get any real logic done(click on card and it loads for 5-10 seconds for example).
Flow that lowers/lifts the blinds sometimes does one blind at the time instead of all the blinds at once as it normaly does(reboot solves this).

Sometimes it is so slow I can barely log on to the app…maybe I try 10 times and it loads. Last time I tried to generate support ID for support and it would timeout generating the ID for 5 or 10 times.

The reboot itself takes about 10+ minutes to load every app and device. After a reboot in general everything works OK with the speeds I can live with. But in a day or two I notice the slow factor again.

Homey works somehow but I believe that some optimization would speed thing up, but don’t have any Idea how to do the optimizations, it is just to much stuff.

I have daily reboot at 2AM so I don’t have errors and stuff, but the speed is not perfect even after reboot.

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Same here. Going to upgrade to Homey Pro with antenna mods. About 200 devices (of which there are 130 hue lights through three Philips hubs, rest are zwave), pro rato amount of flows. Slow for me means sometimes response after one minuut, frequently no response from flow when zwave click on e.g. Fibaro Switch. Going to migrate manually, but I would REALLY have wished an automatic migration.

The 130 Hue lights shouldn’t be a problem as they are hosted by their own gateways and not directly by Homey.

So to me it sounds as a possible Z-wave mesh problem. I had the same with my Homey, even when i put Coolcam plugs in every room.
It improved significantly after the antenna mod and a re-positioning of my Homey.
So why don’t you try to do the mod before upgrading to see if that helps?

It seems 130 hues does slow down Homey, maybe lots of iterations somewhere in their code for many devices. I don’t know. I’m betting on multiple horses, cause of the WAF which is reaching critical levels: “Homey out, or I’m out!”, cause of lights not responding. I see the UI/responsiveness of Homey is also quite slow many times, and sporadically no response at all. So I’m moving to antenna mod and a faster Homey with more memory. Thx for thinking along!

And you take a look at the developer page regularly to see what the mesh does? Or on the insights page to see what the memory usage does over time?
This could help to see what happens and maybe why.

Btw, i don’t understand why 130 hue lights should slow down Homey significantly if they are really connected to the hue hubs. Afaik Homey sends the command to the hue hub(s) and they steer the light. And the hue hub does that faster and better then Homey himself so i understood by reading different topics about it.
Correct me if i’m wrong.

Don’t know why it is just slow im bought homey just because I got sick of fiddling with opensource home automation software…

But reboot seems to help. After a while memory increases for HUE app, probably becouse of all the devices. Homey pools hue bridge costatnly with the light status and in the end I guess uses lots of memory or the app just has memory leeaks…
Plus there are other apps like MQTT for me that is quite demanding on memory.

I also tought about adding additional normal homey but I don’t believe there is a way for two homey’s to talk to eachother out of the box. Maybe via MQTT. Would get load balanced apps on two homeys and 2x IR in different rooms. but again it is a lot of work and increase in complexity.

Homey Pro should be a solution I believe. Will see when we try :). I just wont buy it and start migrating before there is an official way. If athom wont do this backup/restore, then I will live with old homey and reboot it every so often I guess. 400€ less for them. I kind of learned to live with the constant homey issues. Lights still works even if homey dies as HUE bridge works perfect.

I’m probably not alone, just many people don’t bother complaining as they see other people allready bugging the crowd :slight_smile: