Transferring data Homey early 2018 to early 2019?

Hey Just bought me a new Homey 2019 version (it was on sale :P) I already sold my old one, but I want to transfer my flows and devices to my new one. Does anyone know a solution? Both are updated to the latest firmware.

That what I received yesterday from Athom per mail:

“We got a lot of questions about the possibilities to migrate from a normal Homey to a Homey Pro. The short answer to this question is; no, this is not yet possible. However, we are doing our best to release this function in the upcoming two months.

We just wanted to let you know that the options will be available in the near future, so you can decide to wait or to set up your Homey Pro as a new Homey.”

Concerning flows: if you backed them up with the " Flow Backups" App AND that app is 2.0 compatible, then that could work. I am not sure if flows from the previous firmware are compatible with the new firmware. You could ask the App creator…

All the rest is not transferable, so unfortunately you have to start from scratch.

It’s a bit strange that you ask how to transfer everything AFTER you already sold your old Homey. :slight_smile:

But in this case it doesn’t make any difference, officially there is no way to transfer anything …

Flows backup does not work on Homey 2.0.
I AM working on a new web app for restoren.


What is the status? My memory fills up :frowning: