Use flow name in logs?

I’m using simplelog to log all my flows, so i know what happened.
to make it easier i would like to log the name of the flow.
currently i paste manually the name into the log-string.
I was wondering if there is no tag or another option to get the name of the flow.
if there is another app to log with this option im happy to switch away from simplelog.


Papertrails may be?

Papertrails used to havean option to automatically add a card to every flow that included a reference to the flowname but the option was removed

@Dijker any chance this will return

@FKey, nope that won’t come back there as it is not possible anymore in the Homey app due to the restrictions on permission granted.
But pls look at Community Backup & Restore for Homey v2 and Up! [Alpha Version] where a papertrails dashboard is available that can do that.
I know there is still an issue but basically it works and I am thinking about updating both papertrails app and the backup web app.