Homey pro 2023 setup - wifi


I am trying to install my Homey 2023 to replace my Homey 2019. The setup of the homey app requires my phone to connect to homey-setup-xxxxxx (I assume this to be a wifi signal from the homey as the Homey app switches to the phone’s wifi settings). The phone does not see this network (neither does my ipad). I used the reset button of the homey several times.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to fix this?


Compared to the previous generation Homey Pro, the Wi-Fi set-up is different. Homey Pro does not broadcast a Wi-Fi network (HomeySetup-XXXXXX) anymore, but the connection is made using Bluetooth.

Also see:

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Did you install the new app?

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The homey 2023 comes with a quick quide which has a QR code that opens the app which my Homey 2019 also used…… silly me to think that that would work :crazy_face:

I have the same issue … resets don’t work, I have the feeling that either the homey pro 2023 is bad (RMA?) or that the app that is able to set this up is still in app store limbo.

Yeah, this is the issue, currently on app 6.11 and it specifically says: Install the iOS / Android app on your phone or tablet. Ensure the app’s version is at least v7 or higher.

The solution which was mentioned by Bas works. You just need to ignore the quick guide (which I guess is Athom’s way of keeping the forum busy)

@kris.hofmans Please install the beta app, as mentioned on the Early Access page:

[SOLVED] Atom helpt me to fix the problem.

Hi guys, I got the beta app working but I get the following message after the wifi setup. Anyone?

What did they do to fix it. Just got my Homey Pro as well and got the beta app but no luck.

I have tried on an iPhone 14 Pro Max and Google Pixel 7 Pro and same issue. For some reason it is not detecting the Homey Pro. The blue light is breathing (blinking slowly) as suggestion.

Could be the frequencies used in Australia have not been enabled for such things?

Also how do you add Homey Pro after your have setup your house and it failed to connect to the Homey Pro?



That’s not possible. Homey Pro contains your home info. The Home setup from Homey (subscription/service) is a separate Homey instance.

I have this same issue. How did Athom help? Was it something they needed to do? Or did they give a tip on how to solve it?

It says “Invalid serial”? Then contact Atom they have to send a new one.