BETA code help!

Beta code for Bridge…:weary:
Hi I have been a Homey pro user for years and have 2 homey pro and one of the very first generation … trying to setup a third home my older version died on me (RIP)
Seeing Long delays for Homey Pro I decided to order a bridge but I’am pretty unhappy to see that they are not shipped with a validation Bêta code. I had pre list myself for a beta code few days back but it is very frustrating not to be able to install out of the box …
If anybody have a Spare Beta that would be great :wink::+1:
Hoping that most app will work on the bridge as originally promessed on the Keynote…
Many Thxs in advance

You can check on the app store which apps are available for Homey Bridge and which aren’t. Pretty much all the apps in the “tools” category won’t be available, for instance.

3 Homey’s for 2 years and the first time you post something here…? Welcome!
Beta codes can be requested here:

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Ok … Many Thxs Robert … Will check this when installing the bridge :wink::+1:

Hi Henk, Thxs for the feedback. I actually purchased my first homey back in 2016 and had few exchange on this Forum under another user linked to the other homey pro .:wink:
I was before that time on zibase from Zodianet which closed down and used my first homey to migrate off .
I was at first a bit disappointed with the interface and kept my Zibase until they shut the servers .
I read on a forum at the time that homey was now interfacing to IOS and reinstall it ans was really impressed with the smooth installation of Homeykit which is now part of my daily life . We’ll see if the bridge can handle all this but will wait and see when I ll be able to install it …

Ps : I anyhow still do not believe that shipping a bridge without a code isn’t a good msg to new user, as it is really frustrating to receive very quickly the bridge ( 48h delivery in the middle of nowhere in South of France and not being able to kick in the install.
We’re all like kids and want to play with our new toys out of the box :joy:

Homeykit is an app from the “tools” category. In other words, not available for Homey Cloud/Bridge.

Hi … can’t wait for my code :sob:
I put purchased the bridge to replace one of my homey pro who died on me as none were quickly in stock due to shortage of parts …
Now I have my bridge but no code …!
Thxs if you can send me one that would be greatly appreciated

I don’t have one and that is not how it works either.
I suggest you read the guidelines for new users and ask for a code in the suggested topic (you didn’t post anything there yet).
For complaints about the lack of a beta code, you have to write to Athom I am afraid.
If you spent some time here in the community forum before, you could have saved you some trouble…

Hi Henrik,
I have done the proper official request for beta code on Athom but it will probably be useless after reading Robert last answer .
As it seems that against what was announced by Athom in the Keynote, the bridge version do not support many options that the Pro does…
It sounds like this will be a straight return of the box …:crazy_face: