Beta Invite code Giveaway Topic [WIKI]

Hello… any beta codes available? I need one… thx

Hey! Can i get a beta code? Actually i requested one, but i dont know how large the waiting list… :frowning: Someone?

Bridge vandaag ontvangen van coolblue, mooi ding…. Maar je raad het waarschijnlijk al…. Geen code.

Kan iemand mij een code sturen via PM?

Got one :wink:

Also received my Bridge today, but also no code. Anybody still handing out codes?

Got my bridge but no beta key :frowning:

Hello, i would like to get an beta invite code.
Thx in advance.

@Peter_Deumer @Mattias_Kullberg
Should be included!


Got my bridge today. Kinda anoying having this thing blinking on the desk without being able to use it. Didn’t get one in the box and was not bought directly from Atom. Have applied for a beta code. Does anyone have a beta invite code for me?

Edit: Got my key after contacting support. Thank you @Emile

I’m pretty sure I don’t have any code. Bought it directly from Athom and in the Netherlands.

Let’s wait for the support.

Hi all,

It seems some webshops (e.g. Coolblue) have mistakenly started selling Homey Bridge too early. We’re making sure their listings go offline, but it might take a while.

Please only purchase directly from us, or we won’t be able to send you an e-mail with the beta code!

If you have purchased a Homey Bridge, either from a 3rd party retailer of from us and haven’t received a code yet, you can contact our support team at Support | Homey. They’ll ensure you have a beta code to get started.


I mailed them and sent a ticket aswell.

I would be happy to receive one! Need it for my Homey Bridge…I will give mine when it arrive

Hei. I would love if someone had a code? 🥸

I’ve got a Homey bridge but no code yet… so if someone has one so I can start with me bridge, I would grateful :-).

Please read the topic

please i need a code. I can ask for it

I need a code…please…:sunglasses:

If there are someone not in need of their invite code, I would be very glad if I’m found worthy of using it:)